Baby Shower Raffle Ideas

One baby shower game that is simple to set up, fun and enjoyable, and also a great way to keep the spirit of enjoyment at the baby shower up is the baby shower raffle. It's also a great way to raise a little extra cash for the new baby's diaper fund. After all, what baby doesn't need diapers?

There are a few baby shower raffle ideas that will help make this activity more fun:

You no longer need to buy or make special baby shower raffle tickets unless you really want something that matches the theme of the baby shower. There are dozens of free baby shower raffle tickets that are available online that can simply be downloaded, printed out, and cut apart.

You could send a raffle ticket with each invitation to the baby shower or, if you're making your own, you could also incorporate the raffle stub into the invitation itself.

The raffle tickets could also be for sale at the door for a dollar and up to five dollars each. This cash collection could be given to the mommy-to-be to help out with the little expenses that come with having a new baby.

There are several ways to host the raffle. You could have the raffle tickets drawn all throughout the baby shower and give out small prizes and have a slightly more expensive main prize or have just one draw with one main prize that's handed out to the lucky guest at the end of the party. Both ways are good, although the former method is a great way to keep the momentum of the party building towards the end.

When choosing the prizes, don't make them something baby related. Have something that the guests would like for themselves, like small luxury toiletries, gift certificates to the salon for a manicure or pedicure or even a gift certificate to a day salon for a foot spa, cute little coin purses, or even splits (small bottles) of wine.

Gift baskets are always fun and simple to put together. You could have them coordinate to your theme, like a pampering baby shower would have a gift basket of toiletries and a gift certificate, a fairy-themed baby shower could have a set of sparkling lotion and powder, or a western or BBQ-themed baby shower could have a gift basket of steak sauce, mesquite wood chips and a jar of steak seasoning. The combinations you can come up with are truly endless once you stretch your imagination.

Another raffle idea you can add to the baby shower raffle is a Pop the Balloon Wall for extra prizes to be given to the guests. This is simply made by attaching blown up balloons to poster board. The balloons should have little rolled up papers in them, some with prizes, others simply thanking the guest, and others asking them to do an activity on the spot like telling a story of their experience as a new parent or a little bit of advice she can impart to the parents-to-be. Once the guests that have had their numbers drawn pop their chosen balloon, each of the remaining guests still have a chance to win something by choosing a balloon for themselves. This little activity is something unexpected and is useful for drawing out the fun a bit more.