Baby Shower Icebreaker Games

At a large baby shower, there are always guests that aren't known to everyone else. It sometimes makes for a rather awkward situation where some of the guests break off into little groups and refuse to mingle with everyone else.

A great way to prevent this is to start of the baby shower with some icebreaker games. These games are designed to get people to mingle, do things together physically, and basically just get everyone to know each other. There are quite a few interesting and fun baby shower icebreaker games that you can use or adapt to suit the baby shower and the guests.

An unusual game is a variation on questions asked to test people's creativity. Gather together some typical baby supplies like diapers, diaper cream, baby powder, cotton buds, rattles, and the like. Have a good selection of different types of things with a maximum of about 15 pieces.

When everyone has gathered together, present the tray of items. Ask each one to come up with an unusual use for each item. You'll be surprised at the ideas that people come up with when you tell them that it doesn't have to be a practical or logical use!

Another fun baby shower ice breaker game is The Human Knot. Also known as “Tied in Knots,” this simple game requires no special preparations. Just have all the guests come together in the middle of the room and face each other in a circle. Have them close their eyes and stretch out their hands and grasp the hand of someone else in the group with each hand. Just check that each of their hands is holding two different people!

Then, ask them to open their eyes and untangle themselves without letting go of their partners. Normally, they untangle back into one circle, although there may be a few smaller circles that could spin off from there.

A word of warning – check the physical capabilities of the participants and also make sure that they're dressed for this. This game may be more suitable for a casual baby shower or one that will be held outdoors.

A more challenging but less physical baby shower ice breaker game is one that uses no words. Divide the guests into teams, either in five's for a small party or in ten's for a bigger one. The members are each given a number from one to ten and are not allowed to show the number to anyone in their group. They then must arrange themselves from one to ten without talking and without using their fingers.

Once they've gotten through that round, a tougher challenge follows. Still without talking, they have to arrange themselves alphabetically using the letters of their first names. The first team to do both tasks correctly is the winner.

Just one ice breaker game at the beginning of the baby shower does a lot in helping the guests loosen up a bit and mingle with the other people at the party that they don't really know too well.