Variations of the Baby Shower Trivia Game

A baby shower trivia game is a great way to get your guests thinking and learn interesting facts to stretch their knowledge. These fun facts make a great trivia game with these unusual baby and family that may make even the most experienced parents stumped!

He Said/She Said Baby Shower Trivia Game – With the mommy-to-be in a different room, ask the daddy-to-be questions on how he feels on raising the kids. List down his answers for the next part of the game. Then, bring the mommy-to-be in and ask her the same questions, letting her guess what her husband answered. If she gets the answer right, she gets one point. If her answer is wrong, she has to chew a piece of gum.

By the time the game is over, she may be left with a mouth full of gum and a lot of questions to ask her husband!

A baby shower trivia game that involves all the guests would be a collection of questions that concern baby facts. Read out the questions and have everyone guess the answers. The person that has the most correct answers wins the game.

You can also make a baby shower trivia game concerning parenting facts. List down questions that have to do with how fast children grow, folk remedies, milestones on learning, and other fun facts. A variation on this is to have a trivia game on first aid and other medical questions. The trivia can be about temperatures, burns, CPR, bites, and other injuries. The guests have to guess what the proper treatment is for each injury or disease.

Another fun baby shower trivia game is Who Knows Mommy/Daddy Best? The guests will find out how much they know the parents-to-be with questions that not everyone knows about them. It would be great if you could talk to their best friends or close members of the family on little secrets of when they were growing up. Just be sure not to ask too embarrassing questions so that no unexpected quarrels will pop up because of your games!

Great questions could be “Who was their first crush,” “Who was their favorite artist in high school,” or “What did they want to do when they grew up.” The person who guesses the most number of answers correctly wins a prize. Of course, family members may be at an advantage here, but that's just part of the challenge, right?

A great way for the parents-to-be to review their baby knowledge and remember their nursery rhymes of their childhood is to have a nursery rhymes trivia game. Some questions you can ask for the baby shower trivia game are: What did the three kittens lose? What did the dish run away with? What did Little Jack Horner pull out? The person that guesses the most correctly wins.

Another baby shower trivia game that's advantageous for young parents is the cartoon trivia game. Again, ask questions that come from the cartoon series or movies. For example: Where does Winnie the Pooh live? Why is Jimmy Neutron's head really big? What do they sell at the Krusty Krab's in Spongebob Squarepants? What is the name of Dora the Explorer's cousin?