Great Baby Shower Word Games to Play

One of the best types of baby shower games you can have is baby shower word games. There are many different kinds you can make and all of them are challenging and but easy to explain and do.

One of the more popular baby shower word games is the baby word scramble. All it involves is taking a list of baby-related words, including those for pregnancy, labor, parenthood, and raising a child and scrambling them up. A list of twenty words is more than enough. Print out the list and give a copy to each of the guests along with a pen or pencil. After about two minutes of timed play, the game is up and the one that has unscrambled the most words correctly wins.

Another baby shower word game that is challenging to play is baby crosswords. This game is easily downloaded off the internet (a bonus for you) and all that is needed to complete the game is a pencil and an answer key. Have it timed to make it more challenging for your guests and to make sure your baby shower finishes as scheduled.

Another sort of these fun baby shower word games is the baby word search. Using the same types of words as you would in a baby word scramble, the words are mixed in with “trash” letters in a word puzzle. The object is to find a list of given words in a square of scrambled letters. The words could be in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal position and could even be spelled backwards. A well made word search could be really challenging and should be timed as well.

A really fun game on the list of baby shower word games is Baby Pictionary. Not the more type of sedate word game, Baby Pictionary involves teams guessing the word or word phrase that the volunteered group member received. The catch is she can't say it, or hint about it, except through drawings made on a large pad of paper or on a whiteboard. The added fact that there is only a certain amount of time in which to guess the word makes is all the more difficult. In this game, the team with the most words or word phrases guessed correctly wins.

Another type of active baby shower word games is Charades. Not a game for the inherently shy, charades requires the “Victim” to pick out a word or word phrase from a pile and mime it to her team members. A certain amount of quick thinking and acting is needed for this game, which makes it more fun for the watchers than for the participants in the game. A time limit of a minute makes it more pressing for the victim to make her team members understand exactly what she means. Again, the team with the most correct guesses wins.

Baby shower word games are a terrific choice of games for any themed baby shower. There are a few things you can do, however, to make them more interesting to your guests. Try to adapt the baby shower word games to your own theme. For a beach theme, for example, a phrase you can use for charades is “Baby's first sand castle,” or “Baby's first swim.” Be sure to tell the participants first what kinds of phrases you'll be using. A very practical way to keep these categories apart is with the color of paper you print the phrases on. Yellow could be for “Growing Up,” blue for “Theme-related Questions,” pink for “Maternity,” and so on.

A great rule to keep in mind is never to use any words that you would be embarrassed to say out loud. For example, there are still many women that refuse to say any words that are related to private parts, so it would be thoughtful of you to steer clear of words of that sort.