Make Bibs the Focus of Baby Shower Games and Activities

You wouldn't want to have recycled games or activities at your baby shower, would you? That's why it's best to base your games and activities on something that is usually used for baby and give it to adults to play with. It's usually a type of game that encourages a lot of laughs.

One item that basically screams “baby!” is a bib. You can definitely take a bib and use it for your activities and fun games.

Why not have an activity that will make gifts for the mommy-to-be and the baby? You can provide white bibs to be decorated by the guests. You could give each guest their own bib if it's a small baby shower or provide one per group if it's a bigger one. You'll also need to have as many sets of fabric markers as possible to let the decorating go quickly.

It's a great activity that will have people working together and having a good laugh as well. They can make a painting on the bibs, just write a saying or even make a personal message for the baby. There won't be any mother that won't appreciate a gift like this!

A great alternative is to make the bibs tie-dyed instead. You can even provide white crayons to have the bibs resist the dye, needles and threads to make the folds, rubber bands to make “donuts” and different bowls filled with various colors of dye. Be sure to only use pure cotton bibs for this activity and give each guest surgical gloves!

With a short explanation of how the tie-dying is supposed to go, the guests can start off making personally designed bibs for the baby. They can vary the colors by gradually dying the bibs in the different colors. When they're done, the threads and rubber bands are removed and the bibs are washed in salted water. After the bib is dried, iron it to set the colors.

These retro-style bibs will provide fun pops of color for the babies to enjoy.

There's no better picture of a baby than one dressed in a bib and completely covered with baby food. You will be making tons of laughs with a game that makes adults babies again – exactly like this. Each participant will need a large bib, of course, a teaspoon, a bottle of baby food, and a blindfold. Pair off the guests and have them feed each other while they are blindfolded. The team that finishes fastest and hopefully gets the most food in the other's mouths will be the winner. It would be great to get a video of this since it's not often that you'll see your friends spilling food and dribbling all over themselves.

Bibs will always be used by babies and will always be an essential item for any baby layette. Mommies will never have enough bibs, especially when the babies start drooling and eating! These will always be accepted gladly and the rule for them should be, “The bigger, the better!”