Two Versions of "My Water Broke" Baby Shower Game

One of the most popular baby shower games is called “My Water Broke!” There are actually two versions of this game – one is an active game to be played outdoors and the other is a sit-down type that's suitable for enclosed areas. Both are concerned with that special time a woman knows she's ready to give birth because she feels her water breaking.

“My Water Broke” is a really hilarious game, whichever way it's played. Just choose the version that is suitable for your type of baby shower.

Let's take the quieter version first. To play this version of “My Water Broke” at your indoors baby shower, you need an ice cube tray, small plastic babies that you can purchase at party supply stores (look for ones small enough to fit in an ice cube tray) or ones cut out of pink foam sheets if you can't find any, dixie cups, and distilled water.

A few days before the baby shower, freeze the 'babies' in the ice cubes until they are rock hard. A good trick to get crystal clear ice cubes is to set the ice cube tray filled with distilled water out for about an hour before freezing it. That allows the air bubbles to disappear before the ice is frozen, leaving the ice clearer. It’s much easier than boiling the distilled water twice, although that trick works very well, too.

Once the guests arrive, hand each of them a dixie cup with an ice cube in it. The first one who gets the baby to break free of the ice has to yell, “My water broke!” and is the winner of the game.

You can't touch the ice cubes at all or add anything to the glass. Any other means of getting the ice cube to melt are allowable, though. You'll be quite surprised with what your friends come up with to get the baby free!

The other version of this game requires a wide, outdoor space and a large group of guests. The guests should be divided into two teams to play this baby shower game.

This game of “My Water Broke” needs two buckets and enough water balloons for all the players. Fix the water balloons the day before the shower and have some extras on hand, if possible.

The object of this game is to get as many water balloons into the bucket as possible. Have the two teams form a a line and hold the water balloons between their legs. The hostess should give a 'go' signal and each player should walk to the bucket while holding the water balloons between their legs and drop the water balloons into the bucket without using their hands. Whether they hit or miss (or break their balloons) the next person inline has to go next. The winning team is the one with the most unbroken water balloons in the bucket.

Either version of the game is a lot of fun and ensures a lot of laughter from your guests. Be sure to be ready with a camera to capture all their antics!