Baby Shower Candy Games and Game Ideas

A candy theme baby shower can be a unique way to add fun and color to any baby shower. The types of games and the prizes for them are only limited by your imagination.

The Candy Game
The candy game is one of the most popular games that involve candy. Your guests are given clues that describe aspects of parenthood and/or babies and they have to figure out a candy name that suits that description. For example the description "cost of raising baby" can be answered with the candy bar named "100 grand".

Here is a list of common candies and some possible clues you can use. Of course, you are free to be as creative as you like and personalize some of the clues to fit the expectant parents.
A baby girl’s name - Baby Ruth
Postpartum tummies - Jelly Bellies
Dad’s delivery attitude - Bonkers
Pain meds during labor - Lifesavers
Really big babies - Whoppers
Tiny Babies - Runts

Candy Guessing Games
Another game that involves candy is one where the guests have to guess how many jelly beans (or other small candies) are in a jar. A variation on this one is to have the guests guess the weight of the jar of candy with their answer including pounds and ounces. If you choose to have the game where guests guess the weight, use candies that add to the weight or use a heavy jar for the candies.

You can also use candy as a measuring device and have them guess how many of those candies it would take to go around the pregnant mom’s stomach. Simply measure the candies before the game to see how many there are per foot and use that to determine the actual winning number based upon the pregnant mom’s measurements. M & M’s, Skittles and jelly beans are good for this game. The smaller the candy the better!

The ABCs of Candy This can be played with individual player or in teams. Guests are given sheets of paper with one letter of the alphabet on each line. They must come up with a candy or other sweet treat that begins with that letter. Scoring the game can be on a time basis where the first to finish wins. Or you can give everyone a set amount of time and compare answers afterwards and the person with the most answers that were not duplicated by other players wins.
The number and types of shower games that involve candy are unlimited. Use your imagination to adapt common baby shower games to include the use of candy. Your guests and the expectant mom will be sweetly surprised and your baby shower will be a treat for all.