Baby Shower Name Game Ideas

What would a baby shower be without games? And the most popular kind of game for baby showers has to be the Name Game. There are quite a few variations on this, with some more complicated than the others.

The simplest form of this is to think up as many names as you can for babies. If it's known what the sex of the baby will be, then the game is easier. It's a little more difficult to think up unisex names but if the parents-to-be request it, so be it. If they prefer a certain type of name (Spanish, for example, or Irish), list as many as you can – all in sixty seconds.

The guest with the longest list of names is the winner in this game. If it's wanted, the guests and the parents can vote for the cutest baby name and that winner also gets a prize. It's a great way to brainstorm for names and to also remember ones that you may have considered a long time before but have forgotten.

A more creative version of this game is to use the name of the parents or the baby (if they've chosen one already) to compose poems. The more creative you get with this, the better. The poems can be judged according to category (humorous, sentimental, creative, etc.) or better yet, just read out loud and presented to the expecting parents as a gift. The poem could go this way:

C - offee is your new best friend
A - s it on sleepless nights you will depend
M - any of which you will soon have to be
E - expecting a wail from your new baby
R - ising up from a restless sleep
O - n to the next room you will stumble and creep; to the
N - ew baby whose watch you keep.

Another game that is based on names is Guess the Meaning. If the parents already have a name chosen, you can do some research on it and find out what the meaning and origin is. If it's an inherited name, it's nice to ask who the baby will be named after and why. When the guests arrive, give them a piece of paper with the baby's name printed on it and ask them to guess the meaning of the name or what it signifies. Later, they each read what they've written and the one that is closest to the real meaning is the winner.

Name Scramble is another cute baby shower game. Again, give the guests a piece of paper that has the baby's name printed on top. Only this time, the guests have to make as many words as possible with the letters in the baby's name. End the game after ninety seconds. The one with the most words wins.

Last, a really simple game for a baby shower that requires no preparation at all is the Alphabet Name Game. All that is requires is for everyone to sit in a circle and say a baby's name that starts with a word in the alphabet. So, the first player starts off with “Ana” for letter A, the next says, “Bobby” for letter B, and so on. If a player misses a name, then she's out of the game. The game continues until there is only one person left in the circle.