Different Games for Your Baby Shower: The Dirty Diaper Game

If you're looking for a game to play at your next baby shower, a really challenging one is the Dirty Diaper baby shower game. It's known by several other names – a more polite one is Name That Candy Bar and a little more descriptive one is the Poopy Diaper Game.

In any case, it involves guessing what kind of chocolate candy bar was melted in a disposable diaper. It's funny and stimulates your brains, in a Fear Factor type of way. Be sure your baby shower guests are open-minded enough to try it and have strong stomachs, since this is rather high in the gross factor!

You'll need a few materials for the Dirty Diaper baby shower Game:

Assorted candy bars, maybe 5 or 6 pieces (maximum should be about 10);
As many disposable diapers as your candy bars;
A microwave or a double boiler (you can substitute with a glass or metal bowl over simmering water);
A permanent marking pen;
Paper and pencils for your visitors to write down their guesses;
A fun prize;
And of course, your cheat sheet.

First of all, list down the names of all the candy bars you intend to use, and number them accordingly. This is your cheat sheet for the game. Obviously, you want to keep this away from everybody!

Next, number the outside of the diapers to correspond to the candy bars. It's easier if you pair the candy with the numbered diaper so you don't get confused yourself later on.

Open up the diapers and the candy, and put one candy bar in each diaper. Heat the diaper and the candy bar in the microwave until each one is melted and looks like you-know-what.

If you don't want to use a microwave, you can heat each candy bar individually on a double boiler or a bowl placed in simmering water. Pour the melted candy over each opened disposable diaper.

Be sure you haven't gotten the numbers mixed up! Double check with your cheat sheet since this part can get really confusing.

Arrange the open diapers on a table for the guests to examine and guess the contents. Be sure to tell them it's only candy and they can smell, and even taste, what's on the diaper. Make a few allowances for the grossed-out guests!

It may be easier for the guests to sit in a circle and have the diapers passed out one by one while they examine them. It would be easier to keep track of the answer sheets if they write their names on top first.

After they've written down their guesses on the papers you've provided, have them exchange answer sheets so they can score their neighbor's guesses.

Then call out the numbers and candy bar names from your cheat sheet and let everyone tally the scores. The one with the highest number of correct guesses is the winner!


Different kinds of candy bars produce different types of 'poop' for the Dirty Diaper baby shower game. To make this game tougher, try Peppermint Patties for a minty type of poop, Mounds for a more textured type of poop, or Reese's Pieces for a lighter colored poop.

If you don't want to use disposable diapers for this game, you could use pieces of white paper folded to look like diapers instead, or even folded sheets of toilet paper. Really old cloth diapers would work, too. Just keep in mind that chocolates stain really badly.