Coed Baby Shower Games and Ideas

Baby showers are held in order to celebrate the coming of a new baby, as well as a way to celebrate and congratulate the mother-to-be. Many times, baby showers are only women, as women are the ones who go through pregnancy, labor, and delivery. But, it has become a recent trend that more and more men are deciding to attend a baby shower, but others stand their ground and still refuse to go to such a girly occasion. In some cases, the mother-to-be may invite the father-to-be, and will decide that he will need some sort of entertainment, and there's no better source than male friends, family members, and co-workers. Other times, the mother-to-be will just invite a couple. No matter the case, coed baby showers are becoming extremely popular. Along with this type of baby shower comes the need for coed baby shower games. As a host of the baby shower, it's important that everyone can enjoy the party.

One of the best ways to bring entertainment to a baby shower is to play coed baby shower games. These games can be played by anyone at the shower, male or female. This means that you will want to do some research and pick out games that suitable for a male and a female.

One coed baby shower game that is fun to play and even more fun to watch is a race that involves balloons. You will want to blow up balloons big enough so that they somewhat represent a pregnant female's belly. Then, give each of your guests who are playing a balloon. The balloon should be placed under the player's shirt. Each player will have to run to the opposite side of the room with his/her shoes untied, and while at the other side, tie his/her shoes without popping the balloon. This game is extremely humorous for everyone at the baby shower.

Another fun coed baby shower game is one extremely similar to Bobbing for Apples. Purchase a baby tub or bin big enough so that someone's head could fit inside. While at the store, purchase a few packs of pacifiers. Fill the tub with water and put the pacifiers inside. They should float but submerge slightly. Each guest will then have to go bobbing and try to pull out a pacifier. The guest with the most pacifiers will win.

A coed game that everyone will enjoy is Dirty Diaper. Go to the grocery store and purchase five or more different kinds of candy bars. These can include Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, etc. Then buy cloth diapers and melt each of the candy bars on the diaper. The point of the game is to guess what kind of candy bar is in each diaper. As gross as it will look, this game is extremely funny, and is sure to entertain all of the females as well as the males at the baby shower.

With a few coed baby shower games, your baby shower is sure to be entertaining and exciting.