The Many Variations of Baby Shower Scrabble

A very common problem for hosts of baby showers is what game to choose for the party. There's always a fear that no one would want to join or the guests would find the games extremely silly and refuse outright to take part in any activity at all.

Baby shower Scrabble is one game that is perfect for that kind of a crowd. It's challenging, entertaining, and interactive all at the same time. What a truly wonderful way to test your knowledge and get a prize for what you've learned!

Baby Scrabble just needs as many sets as those who are going to play the game at the baby shower. It's not necessary to buy several Scrabble games; it's possible to just borrow a few to fit everyone attending the baby shower.

The object of the game is the same as the usual one with just one catch – all the words that are used on the Scrabble board have to be associated with pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and maternity. This little twist is a terrific challenge to anyone's vocabulary.

The awarding could probably be done right after the Baby Scrabble game. Of course, the winner is the one at every table with the highest scoring words.

A variation on this game would be to include normal words but to give bonus points to anyone that puts in the required words. This could be also played in a team fashion if only one Scrabble board is to be had.

One version of this game doesn't require the tiles or the board at all. All that's needed per guest is a piece of paper and a pencil.

The guests have to list down the names of the mother and the father-to-be and create names for the baby using only the letters in their names. There can be several winners for this game: one that created the prettiest name, the one that created the most names, and one that had the most original names.

Keep this game to a time limit to keep it exciting. A maximum of three minutes should be enough for a long list of names.

Yet another version of baby shower scrabble has a few words or a quote regarding maternity or parenthood listed down on top of a piece of paper. Just using those words, the guest has to find as many words as she can. Bonus points are given for words that are associated with motherhood and parenthood. Names get double points for the effort. Again the person with the longest list wins the game.

Baby shower Scrabble really has many ways to be played. When the parents have already chosen a name for the baby, let the guests know what it is. Then pass around a bag of Scrabble tiles, asking the guests to take out only one tile every time the bag is passed to them. The guest that can spell the name of the baby with their tiles is the winner of the game.