How to Avoid Having the Worst Baby Shower Games

It's always been said that baby shower games can make or break the party. However, there is a long list of baby shower games that many women swear should never be played again, ever. Let's take a look at some of them and hope you won't need to experience these worst baby shower games at all.

Ranking high on the list is any game that needs to measure the mommy-to-be's tummy. Honestly, she already knows she's big, why would anyone want to highlight that fact? And it doesn't matter what you use to guess the measurement – ribbon, string, yarn, or squares of toilet paper – the fact that it may be embarrassing to the guest of honor should be enough to tell you to stay away from having this game at your baby shower.

Another top-scorer on this list involves putting bits of baby food or melted chocolate on disposable diapers and having the guests guess what it is. It's quite obvious that it's just to simulate bodily function No. 2, but should it really be advertised to the world? Not to mention the fact that the game involves smelling, touching, or even tasting what's on those chemically-laden diapers. And the fact that you'll be throwing more disposable diapers into the already overburdened landfill in the name of a game.

Other gross games are NEVER good. There is a game that requires you to chew up a wad of bubble gum and then sculpt a baby shape out of it. This game is even worse when it's a team effort. Do you really want your guests playing with each other's saliva? This is the very reason why you don't stick your hands under a movie theater seat!

Baby word scrambles are terrific games, unless they contain words that you wouldn't normally say out loud, like certain private body parts. Choose the words to use in the list very carefully, since there are a good number of women (and men) that would be horrified to unscramble words of that very sort.

A new addition to the roster of worst baby shower games involves cotton balls. You're actually supposed to pile cotton balls onto your partner's head, one by one. Who really wants to end up with hair filled with bits of cotton?

The moral to this story is: baby shower games can be really great fun, as long as they are well thought out and are mindful of not irritating, embarrassing, or grossing out the guest of honor or your guests. There are certain things you can do to make sure your baby shower doesn't get talked about in this way.

First of all, ask before you plan. Perhaps the mommy-to-be doesn't want anyone near her tummy? There are very good reasons why there are preggy t-shirts printed that say, “Touch My Bump and You Die.” If the mommy-to-be is uncomfortable with anyone guessing her girth, then stay away from those games. Other games embarrass the guests, so ask around and explain the game before you put it on your list of things to do.

Classic games like Pictionary, Charades, and Jeopardy are still around for a reason – everyone finds them fun! Just be careful of the questions that you ask. There are some versions that use bits of the parents-to-be's lives when growing up as a basis for the games. The baby shower is the last place the mommy-to-be would like to hear about her partner's escapades as a single person. Your idea of fun may just cause a lot of trouble at a time when she is at her most vulnerable.