Fun Baby Shower Games for Large Groups

If you're hosting a baby shower and you are faced with hosting large groups of more than 25 people, you may be worried about what games would be appropriate. The usual word games on paper take a lot of time and preparation and are usually not too much fun.

There are a few baby shower games that you could use with large groups that will have your guests actively taking part in the activities while leaving you with a minimum of stress and fuss to coordinate everyone.

Guess the Baby Food – divide the groups into several teams and have them guess the contents of baby food jars that had their labels removed. The guests can smell and taste the contents, of course. Have a cheat sheet ready and also a lot of napkins. The group with the highest number of correct guesses is the winner.

If you're trying to cut down on expenses, divide the baby food into little plastic cups to use for taste testing. That way one bottle will serve about 3 groups.

Diaper Change Relay – have two or more teams lined up against a long table. Each team has a baby doll, cloth diapers, and diaper clips. The game starts out with the baby doll fully clothed, and each guest having a pair of diaper clips and a rolled-up diaper fastened with ribbon. When the signal to start is given, the first guest undresses the baby, changes its diaper, and hands the doll to the next person in line.

The doll keeps on getting changed until it reaches the end of the line. The first group to have a neatly dressed doll at the end is the winner. Of course, all the cloth diapers and diaper clips go to the mommy-to-be at these baby shower games for large groups.

Do You Remember? - have a person go around the room carrying a tray with about 15 to 20 baby items on it. Have each guest look at the tray and then bring to another room. Ask everyone to list down what they can remember seeing on the tray and then list down what the person carrying the tray was wearing. This twist to these baby shower games for large groups makes it more challenging since most people don't pay attention to whoever is carrying the tray.

The Bag Game – have an accomplice (a stranger to most of the guests, preferably) come in late and be very flustered when coming into the party. She should be acting very confused and empty her bag onto the table. Once she finds an invitation, have her make her apologies for crashing the wrong party! After she pretends to leave, let her come back in another way so the guests can list down what was in her bag.

This is another game that usually throws the guests off, since they notice the stranger making a mess and a little scene, but don't really pay that much attention.

What's In My Bag? – prepare a list of things a mother usually carries in her bag and throw in some unusual items as well. The list could include a safety pin, pencil, small notebook, diaper wipes, band aid, ointment, snacks, bottled water, telephone directory, baby toy, pacifier, duct tape, paper or plastic bag, Ziploc bag... The winner is the person or group that can complete or come up with the most items on the list.