How to Make Up Your Own Unique Baby Shower Games

While some people would love to think otherwise, baby shower games are an important part of the celebration. Baby shower games help the guests become more comfortable with each other as well as provide fun and entertainment for the get-together period.

However, baby shower games can get a bit tired and you may want to introduce a completely new game to your guests. There are several ways to do that, although you may simply want to adapt the game to the theme of the baby shower instead, while adding a few new rules instead.

For example, you can look through the baby shower games that are introduced all over the internet. These games can be quickly changed here and there to look nothing like the original. For example, “Baby Bingo” can be switched around rather easily, with nothing more than grid cards printed out or purchased ones having the numbers covered with customized baby-themed stickers.

Another classic game that can be changed around is “Baby Pictionary” where the words or phrases can be as simple or difficult as you like. There are so many games related to pregnancy and childbirth that each game could be very different from the last.

Other games can be adapted from TV game shows. One of the more popular ones is “The Price Is Right,” where guests can guess the prices of the more common baby products. You could do the same with “Jeopardy” where the categories could also be all about pregnancy, childbirth, and bringing up babies. Why not add a category on superstitions just to make it fun?

Or, you could do a variation on the wildly popular “Deal or No Deal.” Beg or borrow a few baby bags or make “diapers” out of plain white paper. Put papers inside that have the names of baby product basics on them like diaper cream, baby powder, baby bath wash, and others like it in them. Have one grand prize – maybe several large packs of diapers – hidden in one diaper that the guest or mommy-to-be will have to pick and choose to hold.

Some other sources for unique baby shower games would be the classic children's games. A fun variation on the very traditional “Blind Man's Buff” would be to have the players guess what a certain thing hidden in a large paper bag is. For each guess that they get correct, they win a prize. Of course, this would be a lot of fun if the player is blindfolded and the audience gets to see exactly what it is they are touching.

Another classic game that is suitable for changing is charades. This fun game is one that can be limited to certain situations that normally happen when there's a new baby around; for example, how would you work out “no diapers at midnight?”

Baby shower games don't have to be the same boring ones played at each and every baby shower. Just changing some aspects of a classic game will be enough to give it a fresh face and make it more interesting.