Baby Shower Lottery Tickets Make Everyone Feel Lucky

Expecting a baby is like joining the lottery – you know you're going to win something special but you're not exactly sure what it is you're going to get until the day comes to claim your prize or until you reveal what you're getting!

That's why baby shower lottery tickets are a popular item in modern baby showers. There are specialized baby shower lottery tickets that you can buy; individually wrapped with scratch portions that tell you if you've won a prize or not. These lottery tickets are available all over the internet and are very pretty, to boot!

Usually these lottery cards are packaged with just one winning ticket – the mommy card. All the other cards are daddy cards (they try, but they can't really get it right). It's a really lighthearted way to poke fun at the new daddy-to-be.

A fun version of baby shower lotto doesn't involve buying anything. It just needs a large calendar with the month the baby is due, a highlighter, and a pen. The days on the calendar are divided into morning and evening.

The object here is for the guests to guess the approximate date and time the baby will be born. Like the lottery, they have to buy into the “pool” to place a bet. A minimum bet of about a dollar will be pooled together and given to the parents-to-be as a petty cash fund for any incidental expenses they might have with the new baby. The guests can also hand in essential items for the baby to have a part in the betting pool. The bigger the item, the more the “odds.” For example, a pack of diapers would have a higher value than a packet of baby wipes, for example.

Highlight the due date that the doctor estimated. The farther away from the due date, the higher the odds should be for the better.

Of course, the winner gets the prize after the baby is born! Keep a careful list here and be sure to send the gift right after the delivery.

However, baby shower lottery tickets don't just have to be part of a game here. If you're looking for a different type of favor to give your guests and also express how lucky you feel being a parent, put in a lottery ticket as part of the favors. It's nice if the draw date is also near the due date of the baby.

This is really practical, aside from unusual, if you don't have time to make special favors, or if you're in a rush to get things done. Of course, lottery tickets are always appreciated, but take a little time out to make them look more special. Fold a diamond-shaped piece of baby shower-related wrapping paper around the lottery ticket and keep it sealed with a little baby-themed sticker. You could add a little caption like, ”We're so lucky that we're going to become parents, we want to spread a little bit of that luck around!”