Make the Baby Belly the Star of the Baby Shower Games!

You can play baby shower games about everything, of course, but it would be fun to play games based on the reason for the baby shower itself – the mommy-to-be's big belly!

Of course, if the mommy-to-be has to be involved in the game, it's best to make sure that she agrees to it. Some women are very sensitive about their baby bumps and would rather not make it the center of attraction for the guests. But if the mommy-to-be is up to it, be prepared for a lot of fun.

The oldest baby shower game involving the baby bump is “How big is the mommy's belly?” In this game, the guests have to estimate how big they think the mommy-to-be's belly is compared to either squares of toilet paper or a length of yarn. Next, they have to measure the yarn against the mommy's belly to find out who guessed best. The one that gets the closest guess is the winner of the game.

It's not only the mommy-to-be who has a surprise in her belly! When it comes time to give the gifts, you can make a twist of this by having the guests hide their gifts under their shirts. The mommy-to-be has to feel their bellies and give a guess as to what the gift is.

Why not play a variation of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” and try a game of “Pin the Baby on the Belly?” All you need for this simple game is a poster with a large drawing or picture of a pregnant woman. You will also need to cut out a few pictures of babies, all of the same size.

Stick a length of double stick tape to the back of the babies and give each participant one baby. Get the participants blindfolded and after turning them around three times, let each of them have a turn “pinning” a baby nearest the woman's belly. The participant who gets closest to the woman's belly is the winner.

Why not let everyone else try what pregnancy feels like? First of all, the “Balloon Belly” is a great game. It's simple – the guest who can fit the most number of balloons under their shirt will be the winner. If anyone pops a balloon in the attempt, they're out of the game.

A “Big Belly Race” will be fun, too. Have everyone put a balloon under their shirt and then try to put on a pair of lace-up shoes! The one who finishes first – without popping a balloon – is the winner. Be sure to have a video camera for this game, especially if the daddies are joining in, too.

Why not see who is the speediest “mommy?” With a balloon under the shirt again, the participants have to run through an obstacle course and see who can move fast without bursting the balloon. Don't make it too easy; they can crawl under a table, for example, or have to pick up some items along the way. Let loose your imagination for this game!