Funny Baby Shower Games

While baby showers are meant to be a day of celebration and care for the parents-to-be as well as the baby on the way, there is always time for funny baby shower games. These games should be just another source of fun and entertainment for all of your guests. Games are a great way to get your guests to socialize even more than they already have. Funny baby shower games are great to play at any time during a baby shower Games can even be played after the mother opens all of her presents as a way to keep up the light-hearted spirit. Below is a list of funny baby shower games that you can consider using at your baby shower. You can always add something to a game to make it your own.

1. Baby Bottle

There is nothing more funny than being able to see a bunch of adults attempt to drink out of a baby bottle. You can easily find cheap baby bottles at a local store. You can fill them up with just water, or you can do milk, apple juice, or even some sort of liquor. Give each guest a bottle and see how long it takes for the first person to finish it! If you want to make the game even more hilarious, tell the adults that when two minutes is over, they have to drink the bottle without using their hands. It's definitely a ball to see what kind of techniques adults come up with.

2. Baby Food Tasting

The Baby Food Tasting game is definitely a classic, but it's hilarious. To play this game, all you need are 7-8 jars of different kinds of baby foods. Try to buy two easy ones, and then buy ones that will be hard to figure out, or ones that you know won't taste the best. Take the labels off the jars, blindfold your guest, and have each one taste the baby food. The funny part comes when they put the food into their mouths! The texture and taste really isn't something that adults enjoy. It's also enjoyable when guests are guesses the kind of baby foods, as so many of them will be entirely wrong.

3. Baby Pictures

This game is cute yet funny at the same time. All you need is for each guest attending the baby shower to bring a baby picture. Have someone at the door collect pictures and hold onto them until it's time to play the game. Then, spread all of the pictures onto a table, and have guests try to decide what baby picture belongs to who. This game is great because it's funny to see how much people change once they are adults.