Baby Shower Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is a fun game to play at any party. Basically, with musical chairs, the host will play some music while people walk around a circle or two rows of chairs. The host will randomly stop the music and everyone has to sit down as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there is always one fewer chair than game participants, so one person is left without a seat. After each round, another seat is removed and this continues until there is only one seat left. The winner is the last person to sit down in the last chair.

For a baby shower, this game can be played with either kids or adults. You may want to have a separate game for kids, so that one of the adults doesn’t accidentally sit on one of the kids.

To add a baby shower twist, instead of stopping the music, you can have your guests sit down whenever a certain word or phrase occurs in a song. For example, when everyone hears the word “baby” in the song, it is time to sit. For each round, you can use a different word. For the next round, it might be “ducky”, for example. Or you can just keep using “baby” to make it simpler.

To find songs for this game, you need to search through song lyrics for songs that contain the words you are looking for. First, go to Google or any other search engine and type in “lyrics” to find a large lyric site that you like. Next, use the advanced search feature in Google or use the lyric site’s search feature to find songs with the word you are looking for. You can build a nice playlist of songs that will have all the baby themed keywords you want.

Musical chairs is already a fun game that everyone loves, but by adding this baby shower twist, your guests will be laughing and having tons of fun at your baby shower party.