Baby Shower Family Feud

Baby shower hostesses should have a baby shower family feud at the next baby shower she throws. Anyone hosting a baby shower wants to make it a memorable occasion for the mother to be. These days, that means doing something unique and out of the ordinary, something that even the guests will remember for some time to come. Games that are played are, perhaps, the best way to accomplish this feat. A good game sticks with people for years to come and might even be an idea passed around for others to use at future baby showers. One example of a game that can be played is the baby shower family feud game.

To play this game the hostess needs to be the moderator of the game. Create some flash cards to read the questions off of, but be careful not to let the teams see the questions or answers ahead of time. It requires a bit of advance thought and research before the day of the party, but just a little bit of creativity goes a long way. Come up with a few baby related questions that can be answered by asking the opinions of other people, Family Feud style.

Interview family members, coworkers, random people off the street, or anyone else that might provide interesting answers. For example, some survey questions might include: “What is the best month of the year for child birth?” or “What is the most common boy/girl baby name?” A person can get quite creative with the types of questions that are asked. Make sure enough people are interviewed.

After the interviews have all taken place, tally up the total times each response was given. In the example that was given above if twenty people were interviewed for the best birth month then it could potentially be divided as follows: two people said January, eight people said March, one person said August, three said September, and one person said October. The answer that was given by the most people as a response is the number one answer. Order the rest consecutively. In this case it would be March as the number one answer and August and October would be last. As with the original Family Feud, the number one answer is worth the most points.

To begin game play, divide the party guests into two teams. Choose a player from each team to answer a random face off question. The team of the player that guessed the answer closest to the number one answer gets to play for the rest of the guesses. Each time an answer is guessed correctly points are awarded. The guesses continue until the team makes a guess that was not a response given to the question by the people interviewed. If this happens before all of the answers are guessed, the other team is offered one chance to steal all the points earned by that question from the other team. They do this by taking one, and only one, guess at one of the correct responses given. If they are successful that team is awarded all the points for that question. If they are not successful the other team gets to keep their points and a new face off question begins.

Do this for as long as everyone is having fun playing the game. For those who are familiar with the television show and are comfortable with it, a final round can be created for the winning team to play where two players are picked to answer a series of questions in 30sec. Be sure to award prizes to both teams for good sportsmanship.