Baby Shower Unscramble Word Games

There are a few puzzles that your guests can solve while waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive at your baby shower. The easiest of these to create on your own will be the word games that unscramble terms related to pregnancy, childbirth, and raising a baby.

One version of a baby shower unscramble game is to provide guests with a list of scrambled words. Be sure to print out enough copies for each guest and have about 2 or 3 extra in case someone needs it. Each guest should get the list and a pencil.

They must unscramble as many words as they can in order to win a prize. If you're up to it, and the parents-to-be have already chosen a name for the baby, an added challenge is to number the letters of the unscrambled words and have them correspond to the letters of the baby's name. The first guest to fill in the name of the baby is declared the winner.

Be prepared with some clues in case the guest can't think of a word. However, most of the words are rather common and should be easy to guess but it's good to be prepared in any event.

Some words you can use are as follows:

rodeomothh (motherhood)
gefined (feeding)
tebolt (bottle)
oralfum (formula)
abby gugby (baby buggy)
dacler (cradle)
yommm (mommy)
tyded reab (teddy bear)
paired (diaper)
herette (teether)
maneritty (maternity)
paynpel (playpen)
oldl (doll)
sinbates (bassinet)
unserry hemsy (nursery rhyme)

Two to five minutes should be enough to completely unscramble all the words. When it's time, the host must read out all the words so they can check their answers. The person with the most correct words wins a prize.

Another version of the baby shower unscramble game you can play is to take the baby's name and make as many words from it as you can. The person that can come up with the most words is the winner. Or, guests can suggest names if the parents-to-be haven't chosen any name yet and the mommy-to-be can pick a name to use from the suggestions.

There are other word games that you can employ to keep your guests busy. A great word game for a baby shower is a Baby Word Search. This game is a very traditional one but one that packs a challenge. Search for words from a list that all focuses on maternity. Since the words are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and sometimes even spelled backwards, this is a really great challenge.

Baby ABC's are another challenging word game you can play. While it's not an unscramble game, you still need to guess the words that are connected to maternity and its accompanying activities. You need to print out a list of the letter A through Z in enough copies for all the guests. This game can be done individually or as a small team if there are a lot of guests.

The guests need to fill up the list with pregnancy or baby items, terms, or activities that start with that certain letter. A maximum of ten minutes should be enough to fill up the entire list. You can give allowances for tricky letters like Q, X, and Z. The point here is for your guests to be as creative as possible.