Twin Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are a great time for friends, family members, and even co-workers to come together and celebrate parenthood as well as the life of not one, but two new babies. Baby showers are supposed to be fun and exciting, as many guests look forward to seeing the mother-to-be, touching her belly, and watching her expressions as she opens and each every one of her gifts. At some point at the baby shower, there comes a time for entertainment. One of the best ways to entertain your guests is to play twin baby shower games. Of course these games are only best for a baby shower celebrating the coming of twins! Below are some games you can consider playing at your baby shower.

Remember, twin baby shower games should be fun and exciting. You can easily take a normal baby shower game and find a way to incorporate twins into it.

1. Find the Pairs

This game involves baby socks! Buy about 12 pairs of cheap baby socks. Before the baby shower, mix all of the baby socks into one big pile. The purpose of this game is to have each guest try to match as many socks as they can in 2 minutes. The person who is able to match the most socks wins! To make the game harder, buy socks of the same color and put a slight marking on a few pairs. This makes it harder for the person to match socks since some will have very minute markings.

2. Double Trouble

This game is much like many games played at baby showers. Instead of using one baby or teddy bear, you'll need two. Purchase cloth diapers as well as safety pins. All of the guests at the baby shower will pair up. The purpose of the game is to have each pair change the baby's diaper and put on an entirely new one. It can be really challenging if you only allow each guest to use one hand. This calls for a lot of teamwork and coordination between the two people.

3. Word Scramble

Before the baby shower, create a list of words that deal with twins or pair of. For example, one of the words could be eyes, as each baby has a pair of eyes. Of course, the word eyes would be scrambled and guests would have to unscramble each word. The person who gets them all right first, wins.

The twin baby shower games you pick should be fun and entertaining. Try to find games that match your theme as well. Also remember that prizes are a good idea for winning guests.