A Collection of Baby Bottle Games for Your Baby Shower

Baby bottles are one of the more popular symbols used to represent baby showers. So, it can definitely be used in any baby shower games and they really do make the games fun!

There are quite a few games that make use of baby bottles. Let's take a look at the more popular ones you can use for your baby shower:

One of the most popular baby bottle games is the baby bottle drinking contest. This has become a standby for couples showers since it involves a drinking race and beer. The only catch for the men is – they have to drink the beer out of a baby bottle.

For this game, you need several baby bottles for the men at the baby shower. Fill each baby bottle with 2 ounces of beer. Make sure each bottle is outfitted with a nipple. As a gag, you could have one nipple without a hole or with a very tiny one to make it almost impossible for one of the men to drink their beer.

Gather all the willing participants and hand them their bottles. You're going to be hearing a lot of scoffs when they see the amount of beer in the bottle but all that changes once they start drinking – it's hard to finish all that. After the count-off, they have to finish all the beer in the bottle. The first one to set down an empty bottle wins the game. This game is a definite photo op, so be sure to have your cameras ready.

As a variation, you could fill the bottle with stuff other than beer – white wine, for example or any cream-based liqueur would do. A non-alcoholic alternative could be milk, of course, either plain or chocolate, or apple juice. After the game, give the bottles to the mommy-to-be. Discard the nipples, of course!

Baby bottles play big roles in other baby shower games, too. Have you tried baby bowling? Mow down 10 bottles weighted down with color-coordinated jelly beans or mini gumdrops, if they're more your speed. Use a soft ball that the baby can play with when he's a little older. You can even set up a bowling tournament for this with two sets of bottles, if you like.

You could also do a variation on the old carnival game of ring toss. Position a few bottles inside a baby bathtub. Preferably, weight down the bottles so they aren't knocked down very easily. Purchase a few inexpensive plastic bangles that are wider than the baby bottles and use them to toss a ring around the bottle. Have the players stand about 5 feet away from the bath tub. Each player get three tries to get a ring around a bottle. Give a small prize to each one that scores a ring around a bottle.

Pass the Bottle is a more active team game. This baby bottle game involves a relay using the baby bottles. The challenge is to pass the bottle to the end of the line while it's held under your chin and not using your hands. If a bottle drops, or is touched with the hands, then it must go back to the starting point. The first team to successfully pass the baby bottle to the end of the line is the winner.