Pregnant Limbo Baby Shower Game

The limbo is a popular game for many parties where people try to get under a bar by bending backwards while walking forwards. The bar is lowered after each round and the last person that can limbo under the bar is the winner. Many party organizers like this game because it requires only a bar, some music, and eager participants. The limbo is also a good game that adults feel comfortable playing, unlike some other games.

In the pregnant limbo, everyone gets an inflated balloon to place under their shirts. Participants have to limbo under the bar with the added obstacle or the balloon under their shirt. If the balloon falls out, pops, or if the participant falls down, then they are disqualified. The last person to make it under the bar wins.

For music, you can play the traditional Caribbean island music that is normally played during a limbo, or you can use your own baby shower music. Be sure to take pictures and videos as this will be one of the highlights of the baby shower. This is a hilarious game that will be tons of fun for your party guests.