Have Fun at the Baby Shower with the ABC Game!

Don't you just love those games where you have to do a bit of thinking? It's great when you have to sit down with a pen and paper and rack your brains. The baby shower ABC game is exactly like that and there are quite a few variations out there so you won't need to have exactly the same version as one in another baby shower.

This could be a really quiet game but if your friends aren't the sedate type, you could tweak it a little bit to make it a more active game instead.

So first, let's examine the quieter, written style of the baby shower ABC game. With this style alone there are several variations that you can do.

The most common way to play this game is to print out a list which has the letters of the alphabet on a sheet of paper with a blank line beside it. When your guests arrive, have them all sit down and hand each one a sheet of paper and a pen.

Once everybody's settled, they all have three minutes to fill up all the blanks with baby-related terms that start with the letters of the alphabet. The first guest to complete the list with correct or plausible terms would be considered the winner.

It could be an individual game or it could also be a group game at bigger baby showers to get the guests together and also to make it more fun.

Another variation would be to make index cards with a letter printed on it. Then drop everything into an opaque container like a covered basket. Have each guest pull out one card and then give everybody two minutes to write down as many baby-related items and activities that they can remember which start with that certain letter.

The prize goes to the guest with the longest list, minus any irrelevant and misspelled items.

A more active form of the game would be to have a bowl or basket with folded slips of paper which contain the letters of the alphabet. Divide the guests into teams and have one member from each group stand in front of everyone. Let the mommy-to-be pull out a letter and the first player to name a baby-related item that starts with that letter gets to tag the next member of the group. The rest remain until they can say the right one or call it out first.

You could also alphabetize the game. As a twist, lay out baby accessories and necessities on several trays. These don't have to be twenty-six, just a good collection of fifteen, maybe would be ok. Then ask, the guests to work in a group and arrange the baby items in alphabetical order. Give everybody three minutes to do so. Then, judge who got the most correct and you have a winner.

You don't need to have outrageous prizes for these games. A cute prize would be a box of alphabet cookies which are prettily wrapped or maybe a sweet bracelet with the winner's initials spelled out in baby block beads.