Keep the Baby Shower Lively with These Alphabet Games

One of the most prominent images of childhood are the letters that we learn – from our blocks to our first books, to our molded letters to flash cards. This isn't just an idea for a baby shower theme, but the baby shower alphabet games that can be played also re-awaken our first love for letters.

Alphabet Memory Game - One such alphabet game plays with memory. This is truly a fun game and usually results in laughter as one after another guest tries to remember the laundry list of items in alphabetical order.

It's a nice game with a small group. With everyone seated in a circle, the first person in line has to say a word that's related to babies, toddlers, and children that starts with the letter “A.” The next person must repeat the word and then add one of her own that starts with the letter “B.” It goes on down the line, with the previous words being remembered and the next word being added. Once someone makes a mistake, they are out. The first guest to reach “Z” and remembering all the words correctly is the winner.

Alphabet Name Match Game - A more challenging game is one that involve baby names and their meaning. To play this, each guest is given a printed list with the alphabet on the left-hand side. Then, everybody is given five minutes to fill up the list with a name that starts with that letter of the alphabet and as well as the meaning. The player with the most blanks filled up and correct meanings given is declared the winner.

The Alphabet Game – This is a classic game for individuals to try. Have each guest pick an index card from a pile or from a covered container. The card will have a random letter of the alphabet written on it. Once everyone has a card, the guest must write down all the baby and child related words she can think of that start with that letter. The card is scored afterward, with words getting the same points as the number of syllables. The person with the highest score wins this game.

Alphabet Poems – Ask the guests for examples of words that start with a corresponding letter of the alphabet. Write all of them down on a slip of paper, two words per letter only. Then, fold them and mix them all up in a hat or bowl. Divide the guests into groups and have the groups draw out four words each. They should then use the words in a baby shower poem that they must create on the spot.

After about five minutes, a volunteer from each group must read the poem out loud to everybody. The winning group is the one judged by everyone to have the best poem.

For the prizes, why not fill up little alphabet block gift boxes with mints or candy drops? It's a sweet ending to a game that requires all your brainpower to complete.