Baby Shower Door Prize Games

Unlike the baby showers a few decades ago, modern baby showers are more casual and active. You can keep this mood going by having door prizes for your guests. The friendly, competitive mood will continue all throughout the party and it's never going to be a bore.

The fun starts once your guests walk in the door offer them a small token that is the start to a game to be rewarded later on in the baby shower. Here are some ideas:

Baby Pins – hand the guests a special pin when they arrive. The pins could be a specially made button, or even a simple corsage. You could also use a diaper pin decorated with one of the symbols of the baby shower. These then become part of an ongoing game.

You could use the classic “Don't Say Baby” where each guest has to refrain from saying the word “Baby” or their pins will be taken from them. It becomes a friendly game of tag where the guests have fun trying to catch each other to collect the most pins at the end of the baby shower.

Or, the pins could have a special mark that corresponds to a small door prize that is awarded after the gifts have been opened. It's a nice surprise for the guests since they had already received a little token when they arrived.

A sweet variation on this door prize is to have the guests choose a small bag of sweets or a special lollipop from a big bowl or jar at the door. The candies with a prize would also have a special mark somewhere, maybe on the ribbon that ties the bag together or on the lollipop stick.

The candies could also be marked with a number and a lottery could be held near the end of the party or at regular intervals all throughout.

Little surprises could also be sprinkled all around, like attaching a special charm to the ribbon that holds a bunch of utensils. The prize could be given after the meal when the charm is presented to the host.

One fun baby shower door prize game involves birthdays. Once all the guests are present, ask who shares the same birth month as the arriving baby. Continue to narrow it down until you find someone that has a birthday closest to that of the baby. Of course, that person gets a special prize.

One practical type of door prize raffle involves thank you cards. As the guests arrive, hand them an envelope for a thank-you card with instructions to write their name and address on it and also decorate it a bit. Have some colored pencils and pens on hand for the artists to use. Drop all the envelopes into a large jar and pull several out to reward some prizes. Give all the envelopes to the mommy-to-be after the baby shower so she has them already addressed once she's about to send out the cards.