The Candy Bar Baby Shower Game

Looking for a different game for your baby shower? Adding a game or two to the baby shower always adds a little bit of fun to the traditional activities like watching the mommy-to-be open the gifts she received. Games also allow the guests to mingle and give them an opportunity to know the others a little better.

Once you've chosen a few interesting games and gotten all the materials you need to play, almost done! Just make sure that you have enough of what you need, especially the prizes, and that the games are simple enough to understand sans intricate rules. A perfect game like this is the candy bar baby shower game.

It's really easy to play the candy bar baby shower game. It focuses on all parts of pregnancy, like labor, delivery, and also includes parenting. You can vary how the game is played if you like, since it mainly involves matching the names of certain candy bars to stages and activities in the baby's growth. If you've never thought of this before, it will really make you laugh how the names of the candy bars can be translated into what the baby and the parents have to go through!

One tough way to play the candy bar baby shower game is to print out a list just containing words that are usually used when a person has a baby. For example, conception, big belly, breast or bottle feeding, and hospital nursery. The guests need to think which candies can be linked to the terms – for example, Skor (conception), Chunky (big belly), Milky Way (breast or bottle feeding), Cry Babies (hospital nursery).

It might be hard for the guests to think up all the names so you could have another list printed out (maybe like a large poster, if you like) or they could also play in teams or pairs. They may be able to come up with a few names you hadn't thought of yourself!

An easier way to play this solo is to have a sheet with two columns printed – one with the list of names of the candy bars and the other with the list of terms so they can just match everything up themselves. You can throw in a few wrong answers just to liven it up and give them more of a challenge.

A visual way of playing the candy bar baby shower game is to stick the candy bars onto a piece of poster board for everyone to see. The candy or candy bars can be numbered and the guests would have a corresponding list of terms given to them. They could then match the numbers to the terms on the list.

The guest that guesses the correct candy or candy bar name could get that kind of candy as a prize. If there's one guest that doesn't guess anything, then you could give them a box of Nerds as a prize.

Here are some terms and the corresponding candies to get you thinking. You may come up with some others not on this list for your own baby shower:

Daddy-to-be (Big Hunk)
Conception (Skor)
Big Belly (Chunky)
Choosing a name (Whatchamacallit)
Girl's name (Baby Ruth)
Twin boys (Mike and Ike)
Contractions (Now and Later)
Hospital address (5th Avenue)
Drive to the hospital (Rocky Road)
Anesthesiologist (Mr. Goodbar)
Epidurals (Lifesavers)
Delivery doctor (Butterfinger)
Labor and delivery nurses(Sweet Tarts)
Daddy during delivery (Bonkers)
Umbilical cord (Twizzlers)
Hospital nursery (Cry Babies)
Hospital bills (100 Grand)
Hospital accountants (Nerds)
Seeing the baby (Tear Jerkers)
Premies (Runts)
Big baby (Whoppers)
Triplets (3 Musketeers)
Chubby baby (Rolos)
Breast engorgement (Mounds)
Tummy after birth (Jelly Belly)
Breast or bottle feeding (Milky Way)
Grandfathers (Sugar Daddies)
Time alone for parents (Zero)
Mommy's lunchtime (Take 5)
Mommy's nap (Fast Break)
Baby laughter (Snickers)
Formula, diapers, medicine (Payday)
Dirty diapers (Milk Duds)
Lullaby (Symphony)
I love my baby (Hugs and Kisses)
Teething (Crunch)
Daycare (Sugar Babies)
Baby's IQ (Smarts)
New baby (Treasures)