Twin Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower is the perfect time to praise the mother-to-be, be introduced to the newborn baby, to trade child-rearing tips amongst the women in attendance, and of course, to treat the new mother and baby to an array of gifts from cute and cuddly to practical and necessary. One way for the mother to get the baby shower gifts that she wants is to join a baby shower registry. But what do you do when the mother is having twins? What type of baby shower gifts do you buy for multiples? The answer is, the same thing you would buy a woman having a single child birth times two. This article lists the top ten baby shower gifts for twins.

The best gift you can give a mother who is having twins, whether it is her first time giving birth or even if she already has a child at home, is the gift of help. Think back to the endless nights of not getting any sleep, never accomplishing anything at home or even eating a full meal while seated. Now multiply that by two. A mother of twins would more than likely be thankful for a baby shower gift of an offer of having a week of meals prepared for her so she can spend more time with her new children. Offer to help her out with her errands as well. A mother of twins will be running to the grocery store to buy twice the diapers. Therefore, another great baby shower gift for twins is a bulk package of diapers. Think about what one child would go through in the course of a week and then double that amount. You can also buy the new mother a baby shower gift of child care items for her twins such as washcloths, nail clippers or bath accessories.

When it comes time to feed the twins, you can never have enough hands. This is where a Boppy pillow comes in hand. Bopp pillows make great baby shower gifts for twins. They allow the mother to sit comfortably while cradling both children at the same time. A double stroller is without a doubt a wonderful baby shower gift for twins. This will make it easier for everyone to get around and will provide extra storage for the diaper bags. Having twins is an exciting experience for the new mother. A lot of women choose to dress their twins similarly while they are infants. How cute would it be to buy a baby shower gift designed especially for twins like matching outfits?

A new baby is an exciting time for the mother, her friends and family. Everyone seems to get even more excited when they hear that twins or other multiples are coming. There are many baby shower gifts geared towards twins. If you run out of ideas, just think about what one baby would need and multiply that by two.