Baby Shower Gift Suggestions

The joy of expecting a baby is delightful for both the family involved and friends. The best way to express that feeling would be giving out a very cool baby gift. As much as choosing the ultimate baby gift can be difficult and expensive, there is plenty of baby stuff you can choose from that will not need one to break a bank. Here are a few suggestions that can help you choose a wonderful gift for your friend.

You can go for essential infant items. These are things like baby clothing. It is important to keep in mind that the mother might get the same items from other guests therefore strive to go for something more interesting than the average. With a little effort, go for unique clothes that have character. An example would be getting a t-shirt that reads “Just hatched” or Daddy’s future Caddy”. This will make your gift stand out and make waves.

Baby toys. These are gifts that will continue to be useful as the baby grows older. These same gifts can also serve as decor for your nursery in the first few months before the baby begins playing with them. Building blocks, play tents, cars, puzzles and tiny utensils are few examples of these kinds of toys.

Give more as you shop smart. While working with the theme that will be provided for the baby shower, go for inexpensive things that will still turn out to be cool baby gifts. For a bath baby shower, get shampoos, baby bath soap, wash cloths, hooded towels as well as lotions. Other grooming gifts can be nail clippers, nail scissors and hair brush. Play mats, rattles or musical toys can be good choices for a rattle themed baby shower. You can buy several wallpapers with fairy tale versions, cartooned bed sheets and the likes.

For new parents, buying baby stuff can be such a hassle and therefore they might end up missing some very essential items. What they can really appreciate is receiving a gift that they had not budgeted for or even thought of. Therefore go for items that will keep the baby entertained and will also be appreciated by a parent. An example of these would be play mats and bouncers.

Do not forget the mom and dad while shopping. You can also get them a gift to appreciate them as friends and parents to be. You can buy for them parenting books or give them a treat whereby a lovely dinner is prepared for them and delivered straight home. You can also give them shopping vouchers and have them buy whatever it is they need for the baby. At times shopping, especially for new parents can be quite tricky. One may end up spending more than what was budgeted for and therefore giving them shopping vouchers might prove to be quite something nice.

A baby basket is also a good baby present. You can also choose this in terms of the theme of the baby shower party. Once you order, the gift baskets come with a variety of great items which have been wrapped in an interesting way.