The Baby Shower Photo Album: Gifting a Future Keepsake

A great keepsake for the mother-to-be is a photo album of the baby shower. If you're at all crafty, this is the perfect gift for you to make. It will record the special memories of the baby shower and can also be used up to the time that she gives birth. It could be a full-sized photo album or you can make it a baby shower mini-album that she can easily carry in her purse or keep at her desk.

If you've had the time to prepare for it, include pictures of the expecting mother at different stages of her pregnancy. Now is the time to search out those pictures from friends and family to put together. Once you've compiled all you can, it's time to put the photo album together.

Position the picture on each page but also leave space for mom to add pictures of her own and also a spot to write down her feelings about it, like a mini-journal. It's nice to add a title to each page so that mom knows what should be added to it.

The topics can be varied but should include each stage of the pregnancy. Remember to leave enough pages at the end for the baby shower events and for the birth itself. Suggested topics could be:

“We're having a baby!” - put in a photo of the parents-to-be and leave a spot to put down the story of when they found out. Add a space for the estimated due date of the baby.

“She ate what?!?” - moms are notorious for strange eating habits, so list down any likes and dislikes plus any weird habits that started with the pregnancy.

“Names we're considering” - provides space to put down prospective names and possible reasons for considering them, plus the final choice and the story why.

“Baby's First Picture” - put in a photo matt for the ultrasound pictures. You can leave space for the parents' thoughts and feelings at this time.

“The Belly” - a photo of the mom with her big belly.

“Our Hopes and Wishes” - a place for the parents-to-be to write a letter to their child.

“The Baby Shower” - document the baby shower as well as you can. This can be about 4-5 pages of pictures. Some nice shots to capture are the mom arriving at the baby shower, some choice shots of the decorated venue, fun moments during the games, the guests at each table, mom holding her tummy, and any picture with her laughing with friends or with dad, a picture of her with all the gifts, and one frazzled out at the end of the baby shower. If there are other children, take pictures of them too. It's nice to include them so they don't feel left out of the celebrations.

“And then there were ...” - a family picture with the new addition

A baby shower photo album is definitely a baby shower gift that will be appreciated until the next generation. It will surely be a keepsake and a treasured memory book for the new family.