Best Baby Shower Gifts

When it comes to baby showers, each guest that plans to attend will most definitely spend some time in various stores trying to pick out the best baby shower gift. With so many different items to choose from, picking a gift can prove to be extremely difficult. Sometimes the mother-to-be will create a baby registry, but not all of them do. Thankfully, there are plenty of gifts to choose from that are sure to make the mother-to-be extremely happy and appreciative.

Picking out a baby shower gift is definitely hard, but just keep in mind that the gift you choose should be items that the baby or parents will absolutely need. If you know that other guests are buying necessary items, you can always purchase something that will serve as a memory to the parents to be. Below are some of the best baby shower gifts that any guest could ever purchase.

1. Diapers

Every baby needs diapers, and mothers can really never have too many. It's amazing how many diapers a baby may need to go through in a day. It may be a good idea to buy a large pack of diapers. However, diapers do come in different sizes, so you may one to get one pack of newborn diapers, and then one pack of size 1 diapers. This way the mother will still have diapers as the baby starts to grow.

2. Books

Though babies can't read just yet, mommy can! Books are a great way to help baby sleep, as well as a way to mentally stimulate the baby. Early reading has shown to be a great step towards an intelligent baby. Books are great because once the baby is old enough, he/she will be able to read the books and enjoy them. All babies should have a library of books, and there's no better time to start.

3. Car seat

Car seats are necessary as soon as the mom and baby are discharged from the hospital. The car seat should be one that is suitable for a newborn. Find one that is safe, sturdy, and is sure to fit inside of the parent's car. Car seats are great because they can be purchased and used for years, especially if you get a newborn to toddler car seat.

4. Clothing

Another gift that a baby can't have enough of. Let's face it, a baby needs a lot of clothes, as some of them will be ruined, and others outgrown, as some babies really seem to grow quickly. You will want to buy onesies and comfortable but cute body suits for the baby to wear. You can also buy socks, bibs, and even shows. Just make sure you purchase the right size!

5. Items for the baby's room

These can include things such as bedding, crib, room decoration, and plenty of other things. It may be a good idea to find a great picture of the parents to be and have the picture professionally framed. You may even want to put an engraving on the frame. This picture will hold memories for both the parents and the baby.