Making Your Own Handmade Baby Sling

One necessary piece of equipment for a newborn baby is a baby sling. There's no easier way for a mother to be able to do all she needs and keep her baby close to her. You can buy a baby sling, or a baby carrier, of course, but they are rather expensive, somewhere along the lines of $40.00 and upwards.

However, you can make your own handmade baby sling quite easily using instructions that you can download over the internet. Not only are these much cheaper than what is commercially available, but they can be made in colors and patterns that you enjoy, AND you can afford to have more than one.

There is a simple handmade baby sling that you can make out of stretch cotton – much like the material that is used for t-shirts. It's terrific for a newborn since the stretchy material cuddles them nicely and it can take up to 15 pounds – more or less until the baby reaches three to four months old.

You'll need about 4 to 5 yards of stretch cotton or jersey knit to make one handmade baby sling. The size difference depends on the mother in question, so you should estimate the length of the fabric that can wrap around you completely TWICE and have about a foot or two left over to tie a knot.

The beauty of this handmade baby sling is that there is no need to sew anything! So, after purchasing and laundering your fabric, you have your baby sling in minutes, literally.

First, measure the width of the fabric. Usually, it comes in a minimum of 36” but can be very much wider than that, possibly up to 60”- 90” in width. A commercially available baby sling is about 25” - 30” wide. Cut your fabric lengthwise in the width that you prefer, going no less than 20” in width. 25” is very comfortable for newborns, but it's entirely your judgment call.

Cotton jersey or stretch cotton usually doesn't fray but if you have an edger handy and want to make sure, you could run the edges through it. The edge of the handmade baby sling should roll up and that keeps it from scratching the newborn's delicate skin.

To put on the wrap, find its center lengthwise and with the center over your belly button, bring it around your stomach, cross the ends at your back, and bring the ends up around your shoulders to the front. The back should be in an “X.” Cross the ends over your front again by passing them UNDER the smooth band over your tummy and bring them to the back. Tie them in a secure knot at your waist.

To carry the baby, adjust the shoulder supports of the handmade baby sling so they are comfortable and smooth out the part on your tummy. Take one shoulder strap off and lay the baby in the shoulder support of the handmade baby sling that you still have on. Secure the baby in the shoulder strap and put back the one you took off.

Voila! You now have a very secure baby in your handmade baby sling.