An Easy Way to Make a Diaper Wreath

Hang up a most unusual decoration at your next baby shower with a diaper wreath. Not only will this be a great decoration but it will also serve as a useful and practical gift for the mommy-to-be.

It's really easy to make a diaper wreath. All you need is a wire wreath form, disposable or fitted cloth medium and large diapers, elastic ponytail hair bands, dried flower and leaf fillers like everlasting and eucalyptus leaves, and ribbons in the color scheme of the baby shower or the nursery. It's important to use only dried flowers since fresh flowers could get the diapers wet or stained. The basic idea is to fill the wreath form with the diapers and secure them to the wire wreath form with the clear elastic ponytail hair bands to make up the wreath.

Open up the diaper into a long rectangle shape, not unfolding the wings that tuck around the baby's body. Fold the diaper over the wreath form, with the center of the diaper in the middle of the wreath and the ends sticking outside. Secure the diaper on the outside of the wreath with the clear ponytail holder. Continue in this same way all around the wreath form, scrunching up the diapers as you do to form a frilled exterior.

When you come to the top of the diaper wreath, tuck the wire tails onto the back of the wreath. Finish this somewhat bare spot with a large ribbon bow, using ribbon that is about two to three inches wide, and possibly with a little corsage pinned to the center of the bow that is made with dried filler flowers and a theme symbol of the shower like a beanie rabbit for a bunny theme or a yellow rubber duckie for a baby duck theme.

When all the little diapers are arranged on the wire wreath form to your satisfaction, take lengths of the ribbon and tie bows at irregular intervals all around the diaper wreath. Stick to an odd number of bows (including the one on top in the count) to make the wreath look aesthetically balanced. Take baby ribbons in coordinating colors and tie them over the elastic bands to hide them and add a few more pops of color.

Now add your “decorations.” Choose a few small baby essentials like teethers, pacifiers, or travel-sized baby toiletries like baby wash, tubes of diaper cream, baby toothbrushes, hairbrushes, combs, and other small things. Attach them with ribbon and put them on in a “clock” fashion. Hang the heavy items equidistant from each other to balance the wreath and then fill in the spaces with the lighter items.

This diaper wreath can be varied in several ways. To add more color to the diaper wreath, you could make colored rosebuds with baby washcloths in the same way you made the diaper rosebuds. Fold the baby washcloths into thirds and position a length of fabric covered floral wire at one end. Secure again with a ponytail band and add to the wreath form in between the diapers.

A less fussy wreath utilizes plain streamers rather than bows. Simply knot lengths of ribbon onto the wreath and make the edges into swallowtails.