Great Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

You’re girlfriend is having a baby shower to welcome her new bundle of joy into the world and to introduce the newborn to new friends and family. A baby shower can be a simple event where a few friends and family members get together at the new mother’s home or it can be as extravagant as renting out a hall and throwing a bash. As a friend or family member of the new mother, it is only polite that you purchase a baby shower gift. Some women choose to purchase a baby shower gift that is geared towards the new mother’s needs while other women choose to buy a gift for the new baby. This article gives a list of top great baby shower gifts that are suitable for both the new family and the newborn baby.

The first great baby shower gift idea is a bouncy seat. These lightweight, portable bouncing cradles are small enough to place on the kitchen tabletop and easy enough to travel with. And this baby shower gift works wonders. By placing the baby in the bouncy seat and giving it a slight rock, the child is temporarily entertained and soothed while mommy has her hands free to prepare a bottle or get some cleaning done. Some bouncy seats are battery powered and play soft music.

Another great baby shower gift idea is a baby monitor. Many new parents appreciate this great baby shower gift as it gives them peace-of-mind. One end of the monitor is placed in the baby’s room while the other is free to move about with the parent. It allows the new parents to keep an ear on their child and monitor their sleeping.

Crib bedding is a wonderful baby shower gift idea. It’s amazing that something so small, soft and sweet can actually cost so much. The gift giver can check with the new parents as to what the theme of the nursery is so that they can select the appropriate bedding gift set.

A baby sling or baby carrier such as Baby Bjorn™ is probably one of the top baby shower gift ideas. These are a fun and easy way to transport the child without the use of a stroller. A baby sling or carrier allows the parents to keep their hands free. It is also a way to keep the baby snuggled close to their parent’s body for warmth and comfort.

We’ve focused on great baby shower gift ideas for the newborn baby, but what about the tired new parents? Sometimes the smallest act performed by a friend or relative can prove to be the greatest help for the new parents. One example is to offer to make meals for an entire week. Because all new parents know that aside from not sleeping properly, there never seems enough time to sit down and have an actual meal.

These are just a few baby shower gift ideas. You can personalize you gift based on your relationship with the new mother and father. Don’t be afraid to ask the new parents what it is that they need or want. Any gift that is given will surely be appreciated.