Fun Printable Baby Shower Gifts

You’ve been invited to your friend or family member’s baby shower. It is customary to give a gift to either the new mother or the newborn child. In most cases, the mother will be registered on a website geared towards babies. This makes it easier to buy a gift that the mother and child will definitely need and use. But you are not required to buy something off of the baby registry. If you’d like, you can make your own baby shower gift at home. This can be as easy as going to a craft store and printing a design off of your computer. Printable baby shower gifts allow the gift giver to be unique and creative.

There are many ideas that can be used to make printable baby shower gifts. If you decide to buy a gift off of the baby registry, instead of buying a generic baby shower greeting card, find a template on the internet and create your own baby shower greeting card. These templates will allow you to design your own personalized greeting card and print it out from your computer.

If you are interested in designing your own baby shower gift, there are many to choose from. Gift bags are fun to create and easy to print off of the computer. You’ll just need some cellophane bags and ribbons from a craft store. Find a template on the internet that allows you to customize a cute liner for the cellophane bag. Design and decorate your gift bag liner and print it off of the computer on decorative stationary. Cut the template out and insert it into the cellophane bag. Fill the bag, depending on the size of your gift bag, with baby items such as pacifiers, a stuffed animal, a cute outfit, or other small baby accessories. Next, tie the top of the gift bag with a ribbon. Finally, print out the greeting card that you created from your computer.

You can also find something as simple as a colorful glass (or plastic) container and fill it with candies, small baby accessories or even note cards with tidbits of information and advice for the new mother. Go to the stationary store and find stationary with cute designs on it such as stuffed animals, fire trucks for boys or ribbons for girls. Print a colorful band off of the computer onto the stationary and affix it around the glass container. You have just created a child’s journal jar. A gift such as this filled with valuable information will surely be cherished by the new mother.

Another printable baby shower gift idea is to create a booklet of poems, sayings and information. Again, find some cute stationary that is geared towards babies. Find a computer program that allows you to divide the page on your computer screen into equal sized boxes. Fill each box with poems, recipes, inspirational words, or child-rearing advice. Print out the cards onto the stationary and cut them down to size. Punch holes at the top of each card or on the left hand side of each card. Link the cards together with ribbon. The new mother is guaranteed to refer to this book when she is in doubt or needs something to help her make it through those tireless nights.

Even if you are not that creative, there are so many easy printable baby shower gift ideas if you are looking to give a baby shower gift that is a bit more personalized. Browse the internet for templates to assist you.