Baby Shower Personalized Gift Ideas

Gifts are always appreciated in any kind of event especially baby shower parties. If you are attending one soon and there are no gifts that have been registered for, you might as well take it as an opportunity to give the expectant mom something that is extra special.

Personalized baby shower gifts hold more meaning that what you can buy in the store because they are made out of real love and care from the giver. This is something you should consider especially if you have certain skills such as sewing, knitting, etc. So what are the things that you can make from scratch which would make a perfect present for moms to be? Here are some:

1. Baby blanket- This might be a classic baby shower gift but it never gets old and you can make it even more special by knitting the blanket yourself and monogramming it with the baby’s name.

2. Baby Caps- Another gift item that you can make yourself is the baby cap. It is small so you can probably make about 5 or more in a span of a month. New born babies always need protection on their head and a knitted cap is just warm and safe enough to work.

3. Baby Album- One of the most important things to have for first time parents is an album that would chronicle all the memories of their child’s firsts. The first step, the first smile, the first hug, all these are very important moments that can be immortalized through an album containing the photos of such milestones. You can personalize the album by turning it into a pseudo scrapbook and putting arty designs on the borders.

4. Knitted Booties- To complete the outfit for the baby, a perfect partner for the caps will be the booties. Knitted booties are so much more comfortable and warm than regular socks and since babies are usually very sensitive to cold, they would need these clothing items most of the time.

Additional Tips:

· Always make it a point to inspect the gift before you wrap it up to make sure that there are no needles left stuck on them. Remember, when it comes to babies, safety first is the eternal rule.

· Go for the larger size. It is better that what you give is a little large for the baby at first. After all babies grow like weeds so they will still be able to use it later on.