The Baby Shower Autograph Bear Makes Memories

Won't you want to give a gift to the mommy-to-be that will let her remember the baby shower for a long time? And what would be a better image of a baby or a baby shower than a teddy bear? If you combine that memorable gift with a teddy bear, you'll come out with a baby shower autograph bear!

These sweet bears come dressed up in color-coordinated diapers in pink or blue. And the diapers aren't part of the bear, being removable, so you could just have the guests sign the bear and it can be dressed up later on after the baby is born.

This cute little bear makes a terrific guard for the packages on the gifts table. It could be placed in a little bassinet or Moses basket wrapped up in baby blankets with some crib toys for effect. It will look exactly like a little baby and will be a nice surprise for the guests.

It could also serve as decoration elsewhere, maybe atop the diaper cake decorated in a teddy bear theme. With additional baby toiletries, toys, and essentials tucked into the cake, it's a truly pretty decoration that is also a practical gift for the parents-to-be.

After serving a stint as a baby shower decoration, all the guests sign this sweet toy instead of a guest book. To make the bear look more colorful, why not use colored permanent fabric markers? And signatures don't have to be the only thing that you can put on the bear. Wishes, prayers, and classic advice can go on as well. Why not have some of your more artistic friends do a little painting on it, too?

Afterward, it would make a pretty decoration for the nursery and would also be a wonderful memento for the mommy-to-be even years after the baby shower.

Keep the bear from getting dusty and soiled by packing it in a gallon-size, freezer grade, zip-lock bag. Or you could store it in a keepsake box made of archival materials so the material will be able to hold up well.

If you like, you could let the baby play with the bear once he or she is a little older. There are quite a few story-telling opportunities attached to this one little toy so it would be something truly special to both mommy and baby.

You might be able to find a bear which comes with a frame for baby's picture. That will really make it a meaningful decoration for the baby's bedroom. Keep it in an unreachable area, though. There are a few small parts on the bear which could cause choking problems with the baby.

If the mommy-to-be prefers other animals aside from bears, you'll still be in luck. There are sweet little puppies and cute ducklings in pink, blue, and yellow which you can have for your baby shower autograph session, too. you don't need to stick to just one thing, make it personal and more meaningful by choosing what the mom loves.