Great Ideas for a Baby Shower Album

When you are hosting a baby shower, it's best to make sure to assign someone to take lots of photographs during the celebration since it's not too long after that when the mommy-to-be will lose her baby bump and gain a baby!

All these photos can be put in a baby shower photo album which can be a beautiful keepsake for that special day. But what else can go in that all-important photo album and how should it be presented?

Some people like to make their photo albums like a scrap book. So you'll not only find photos there but little memory bits that become meaningful later on. If you are going to give this photo album as a gift to the mommy-to-be, it's great if you could leave some blank pages for her to fill up with these special scraps.

You can arrange the album chronologically and provide different ways to keep and display these mementos. Many women confirm their pregnancy with pregnancy tests and a lot keep them but somehow end up misplacing them or losing them altogether. Why not put in a little envelope, maybe with a see-through plastic window that will keep this test for a long time? You could also include a lined form underneath where she could write down her thoughts at that time. Entitle the page “We've Got Baby!”

A space for that ultrasound picture could be next. This can simply be tacked onto the page although it would be much prettier if you could provide a nice frame to enclose it. Position a 3D scrapbook frame in an area of the page and then leave a space for a memory or a thought to be written down. A great title for this page could be “Baby's First Picture” or simply “Smile!”

Prepare another page to feature the parents-to-be with the baby bump. It would be nice for the daddy-to-be to write down a few of his thoughts when he found out they were having a baby. Why not call this page “And Baby Makes Three” or four or whatever number for that matter. The elder children should also have a part in this baby shower album; they would be proud to write an encouraging note to their soon to be brother or sister.

A section for strange feelings during pregnancy shouldn't be overlooked. Weird cravings for food (a space for pictures included) and the feelings of happiness and anxiety, being tired, and other strange occurrences should be listed down. One mother put down the strange phase that she and her husband went through where he would get colder than she would and double up on quilts in bed – usually she reaches for a sweater in the summer!

Leave a place at the end for the guests at the baby shower to write down words of encouragement or advice in the album. It will provide fun reading for the mommy-to-be apart from warm feelings of care and support.