Is It Necessary for Me to Give the Hostess a Gift?

After a picture-perfect party where you got things you never even expected and had more fun then you even thought you would, what can you say to your hostess(es)? Is there any thanks that you can express that would show how much you appreciate what was done for you? This is where your hostess gift comes in.

A hostess gift does not have to be expensive, neither does it have to be something truly unusual. The best hostess gift is actually something they really love, be it a pack of special tea, a bag of coffee, chocolate truffles, or even a certificate for a pedicure at the local salon. It should show that you are thinking of them in the same way that they considered all your needs while planning your baby shower.

Proper baby shower etiquette, however, dictates that you should include a detailed thank-you note along with the gift. This is actually the highlight of the gift, and should not be considered just an addendum to it.

Now while this is a baby shower etiquette dictum, no proper hostess expects more than a thank-you card and certainly not a hostess gift. So handing one to each hostess is a true treat.

What would a perfect hostess gift be? Here are some suggestions on what would be appropriate, and not at all expensive.

Do the hostesses like pampering themselves? A personal basket of spa toiletries would be a wonderful gift. Small bottles of lotion or massage oil, liquid bath soap, a loofah or scrub, and a little scented candle is perfect.

What about beverages? There are beautiful and inexpensive mugs available at ceramics stores which can be filled with packets of cocoa, coffee, or tea. Add a spoon dipped in chocolate or caramel to provide that little bit of luxe. Package it in a little net bag and finish it with a satin ribbon bow.

If you don't want to get into packaged beverages, why not get a coffee press from your local deli and a pack of biscotti or really good butter cookies? You could give a gift card from Starbucks as well, or one from your local cafe.

A margarita pack is great – just because you can't drink doesn't mean that the hostesses won't want to! Two margarita glasses, margarita salt, and a small bottle of tequila would be beautiful in a woven basket and finished off with a sheer ribbon. Why not do this with a lemonade mix – lemon concentrate and fresh lemons with a pretty glass pitcher makes a refreshing sight even before it's mixed as a drink. Or a bottle of sweet red wine with a packet of Italian biscuits makes an unusually delicious repast.

Don't want to give food? Then give them little bouquets of fresh or dried flowers along with your thank-you card. If you give a dried flower bouquet, it can be used to scent the room if you pair it with a small vial of fragrance oil.