If the mom is having twins or triplets, do I have to purchase one gift for each baby, or is one gift sufficient?

Whether a gift is asked for or not, it always seems best to bring one when we are invited to a celebration. After all, the hosts are already doing so much and honoring you with an invitation as well, it would seem just right to bring a small gift as a “thank you.”

However, when you are invited to a baby shower, the situation seems to get a little stickier when it comes to gift-giving etiquette. There are some questions that have arisen about the proper gifts to give a mom-to-be.

“If the mom is having twins or triplets, do I have to purchase one gift for each baby or is one gift only sufficient?”

While there are people that feel that getting one gift per child is the right thing to do, the right answer will depend on two things – your budget and your choice of gift.

If you are under budget constraints, by all means limit yourself to one gift. There is no rule that says you have to spend more than what you’re comfortable of spending and it is morally wrong to overreach when you are giving a gift. Stick to what you can afford.

In that regard, what type of gift you choose to give can greatly affect how much you spend. For example, if you decide to give onesies, you may have to give two packs instead of one. How would a mother be able to split a set of footed pajamas? You would also need to give two or three. Choose your gift carefully.

Try to find something that the mom-to-be only needs one of – a digital thermometer, a laundry bag, a bathtub. These are not terribly expensive choices and can be shared by the babies.

Another idea is to get a gift for the mom instead of the babies. Perhaps a gift basket that is baby themed or a parenting book that will help her raise the babies. A gift card or certificate is another idea where you can choose to spend what you like. You can get a certificate to a baby store or even just a grocery store as the new mom will need lots of food and supplies for the newborns.

Also, if you are getting a more expensive gift, like a crib, then the mom would be unlikely to complain or expect you to get another one. One idea is to team up with another guest and have them buy the second crib or whatever item you decide to get.