Baby Shower Attire - What to Wear to a Baby Shower

When you are attending a baby shower there are some basic things that you need to take into consideration as far as your clothing is concerned. Not all baby showers are going to be the same. It is a good idea to get a little bit of information before you head out the door. There are also ways to determine what you should wear from clues that you can get in the invite.

If the party is an afternoon tea and the invites were professionally printed, you should consider wearing a nicer outfit; dress slacks, or a conservative summer dress are good options. This could be similar to what you might wear to a wedding or some other special event. If the invitations are for a backyard picnic you can probably wear jeans with a blouse and be completely comfortable and appropriate.

It is also good to pay attention to the location and time of day of the event. If you are invited to an outdoor baby shower in June, wearing clothing that is cooler will keep you more comfortable throughout the event. Most often baby showers happen in the afternoons.

Check in with other people who will also be attending the shower. See if they have ideas about what might be the most appropriate. If the consensus is that everyone is going in jeans, then you are safe to wear jeans. Most often a baby shower is thrown by a friend or family member of the mother-to-be. If you determine that you need more information approach the party planner first. The shower might be a surprise for the new mom and you don’t want to ruin that. You going directly to the party planner will give a pregnant new mom less to worry about.

Keep a consideration on the mother-to-be’s personality when making the determination of what baby shower attire you should wear. If you know her to be easy going and calm, her shower will most likely be that way as well. If she is a little fancier and refined, that will likely be where her showers direction will head as well.

No matter what time of day, or what theme the baby shower might be, it is completely inappropriate to wear overly-sexy or revealing clothing to a baby shower. The point of a baby shower is to celebrate a new mother, a new baby, and a new family. It is not about you as a guest standing out and trying to get attention for yourself. It is not appropriate baby shower attire if you are wearing something completely black, slinky, revealing, or showing too much cleavage.

Most likely your new mom friend will have not only her mother, but her mother-in-law attending her shower as well as her personal friends. There are also likely to be grandmothers and other family members. Take into consideration how you would want people to dress if they were going to meet your grandmother. Being too conservative is better than not being conservative enough.