How to Choose the Right Food and Drinks for Your Party

How you choose the right food and drinks for your party based on the most important element – your guests. What you choose depends on different considerations.

First of all, how old are your guests? For example, if you are having an all-women's baby shower for women in their twenties and thirties, they will eat rather differently compared to teens or older women in their fifties and above. You may be able to get away with more experimental types of food than what most younger or older women may eat. You could try out exotic food here, like ethnic Asian or European food that is really not too common. When you're dealing with other ages, temper your exotic choices with a more generic roast meat or mixed green salad so you're sure all your guests have something to eat.

Adding men and children into the mix changes the menu choices more. Men usually prefer having a little more protein and a heavier, stick-to-your-ribs type of food like the typical meat and potatoes. More robust food can be added like a delicious chili, or even a beautifully fragrant jambalaya. Children like something blander, usually, and having some vegetable sticks with a creamy dip or a comfort food like macaroni and cheese will ensure that they'll take something in other than just juice.

Next, consider when your baby shower is taking place. If it's early in the afternoon, then you can get away with a light menu of sandwiches, cookies, and a selection of beverages, much like a light tea. If it's a little later in the afternoon, you'll need to add a hot dish to that, like a vegetable fritatta. But if your baby shower is in the evening, that calls for a dinner, even if it's a simple and light one. That would maybe be a pasta with a salad side followed by a dessert.

Another thing to think about is what kind of beverages you need to serve with your menu. While a non-alcoholic baby shower is becoming less popular, there are definitely a lot of non-alcoholic drinks that are absolutely delicious. You could make a virgin cocktail in honor of the mommy-to-be or serve them a juice bar buffet. You could also serve a variety of special teas and flavored coffees if you like.

Again, consider the guests. The mommy-to-be could have a virgin version of the drink of the day while the others could have an alcoholic version if they wish. A make your own bar is also a great (and easy) way to serve the beverages. Try to have some vegan or vegetarian dishes if you have guests that don’t eat meat.

The last consideration you should think of is how you are going to serve your food. Is the baby shower going to be a formal one with a sit-down meal or a buffet where the guests get to pick and choose what they want? Is it a barbecue where there must be a station for the cooked meats hot off the grill and another table for the sides or a cocktail party with all the food on trays?

So, as you can see, the menu is affected by so many things. Keep all those in consideration when doing your party planning and you'll have a great celebration.