Bedrest and Your Baby Shower

Does having to endure bedrest mean getting no baby shower?

Actually, it doesn't. As long as the mommy-to-be is comfortable with having people in her bedroom and her doctor says it's OK, there is no reason why she shouldn't have a baby shower at all!

Having that baby shower may be exactly what she needs anyway. There is no one more frustrated than a soon-to-be mother with nesting instincts on high rev that must be stuck in bed. With a baby shower, she can distract herself for a while and at the same time see that her baby is not forgotten at all. And make a special effort to show that she herself is not forgotten. It would be wonderful to bring a few gifts only for the mommy-to-be to use.

However, do be considerate. No matter how much you've planned before hand to have this baby shower, ask the mommy-to-be her opinion of having a baby shower while she's on bedrest. While it was OK for some mothers, others were too worried about their babies to even think about a baby shower. At times like that, the best option may be to have the baby shower after the baby comes home from the hospital instead.

So if it pushes through, what can you do? It's obviously planned a bit differently from the usual baby shower.

One option is to ask if the mommy-to-be can be moved to the living room in order to allow more guests to fit. If that's impossible, then the baby shower should be held in the bedroom itself. While there are some mommies-to-be who would be horrified to allow other people to see them in bed, you can always help them find a way around it.

First of all, have a smaller shower right in the bedroom. After you've decorated the entire bedroom, styled the bed, and dressed up the mommy-to-be, it will be great. Make the baby shower a very intimate one, with only the best friends, close relatives, and maybe the mothers in attendance. Have it very simple and maybe a tad bit rowdy. After all, the mommy-to-be needs fun, too.

If the bedroom won't work, propose an online shower to the mommy-to-be. You can have the shower anywhere, and she can be part of it through webcam. It's a great compromise.

If the baby shower is at home, don't forgo the games. Take the time for a little pampering – pedicures, manicures, facials – and lots of chit-chat! Let her catch up on what's going on outside. And if you can hire someone to do it, there's nothing the mommy-to-be will enjoy more than getting her hair shampooed and possibly deep conditioned, too.

Activity time for the guests could be helping her “nest.” Putting baby clothes through the wash, putting together baby furniture, or fixing up the nursery would be greatly appreciated. That's one less worry on her mind.

So as long as the doctor allows it, the mommy-to-be wants it, and you can pull it off, there's nothing better than a baby shower to help the mommy feel better about her pregnancy.