Do I Need to Give Baby Shower Favors to My Guests?

If you're asking yourself a question, “Do I need favors for the guests?” the answer is it's your choice. But if you want to give your guests a baby shower favor to remember, keep on reading.

If you are getting pressured because the baby shower you are hosting is looming on the horizon and you haven't decided on the perfect baby shower favors for your guests, you're not alone. Don't be discouraged and be like other hostesses that ask, “Do I really need to provide favors for the guests?” While it's definitely not necessary, it's a terrific way to show your appreciation for the effort they made to make the baby shower successful.

Two key factors that might deter a hostess from getting favors are additional cost and effort in planning. Baby shower favors can be purchased inexpensively or even homemade and some favors are pretty easy to make too.

However, what would be the appropriate type of favors for a baby shower? You really don't want to spend your money on gifts that won't be appreciated or worse, be tossed in the trash the next day. You want to choose baby shower favors that will be used and ones that are not tacky. That's a tough thing to do!

Most of the popular favors chosen have the names of the celebrants and the date of the celebration imprinted or engraved on them. These are really beautiful when done on elegant gifts like silver key chains or crystal paper weights. You can find these on the internet at better suppliers and they are suitable for any sort of baby shower.

But if there is no aesthetically pleasing place to put the engravings, then the names and dates belong on those removable tags that also thank the recipient for all that they've done for you. It would be a pity to destroy the graceful lines of the present otherwise.

Creative baby shower favors are also those that will make people use them. These don't need to be expensive ones, as they should definitely fit within your baby shower budget.

Why not choose a favor that is off-beat but useful? The more unusual favors like luxury toiletries or deliciously scented potpourri and candles will have more chances of being consumed than kept. If you have all females as guests, pretty costume jewelry like sparkly bracelets or ethnic hand-crafted necklaces are great choices, too. With a little research and a few materials, you can even make these yourself.

Handcrafted baby shower favors don't have to look cheap, even if they are cheap to create. There are also beautiful and inexpensive favors available on the internet, if you look carefully.

One way to make the favors personal for the baby shower is to base it on what the mommy-to-be is known for. This would also tie it in with the theme of the baby shower as it usually reflects the interests of the guest of honor as well.

A cheap baby shower favor to give would be something edible, and this is one favor that fits the category of home-made and inexpensive but personal. If there is a dish that the mother-to-be or you are famous for, go ahead and give that out as a favor.

Why not give a stack of your famous lemon-oatmeal cookies? Or even a small box of fudge? Once packaged creatively, they take on a personality of their own.

A baby shower favor that is well-thought out and presented in a graceful way is one that will be appreciated. These are the best types of favors to give your guests.