Baby Shower Thank You Etiquette for Receiving Gifts

Many questions can come it when it comes to baby shower gift etiquette for both the attendees and the mom to be. Below are some tips for both new moms on proper etiquette for receiving baby shower gifts and how to say thank you to your guests for attending and for bring their gifts.

For the mom receiving the presents:

1) Do I open the gifts during the shower?

Opening gifts during the baby shower is a matter of choice. Some new mommies choose to open their gifts after the shower is over and instead focus on the celebration during the shower. At some showers, the gifts are opened during the party. Either choice is fine and it is entirely up to the mom to be.

2) Saying Thank You

After receiving gifts from your attendees, it is good etiquette to say thank you at the shower and also to send a thank you card after the event. A personally hand written thank you card is always a nice touch that people appreciate and is good for small baby showers. However, it is also acceptable to send a printed thank you card and just sign your name at the bottom. Sometimes if the package is small enough, some people will also mail out baby shower favors with their thank you cards. The important thing is that you take the time to say thank you to your guests and let them know that their attendance was appreciated.

3) Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

Sometimes a baby shower is thrown by a hostess that is a close friend or relative on the new mom to be. This takes the stress and burden off of the new mother so that she can enjoy the party without the hassels of planning. So sometimes, as a measure of gratitude, the expecting mother can get a gift for the baby shower hostess to show appreciation for all her hard work in preparing the baby shower.

This gift does not have to be baby or baby shower related, but can in fact be any gift that the hostess might enjoy or find useful. Usually baby shower hostess gifts are not large expensive items, but instead a small affordable present. Some good ideas include home baked cookies, gift cards, or even a baby themed candle.

Other Tips

Some other tips include always be happy and thankful for the gift, regardless of what it may be and providing baby shower favors as an inexpensive return gift for your guests. The hostess should also prepare a table or area where gifts can be placed until they are ready to be opened.