Baby Shower Gift Giving Etiquette and Questions for a Baby Shower Guest

Are you planning on attending a baby shower? If so, then you need to be aware of baby shower gift giving etiquette. Below we discuss common questions and answers regarding baby shower gift etiquette:

1) What Should I get?

When getting a present for a new mom, first look at the baby shower gift registry to see what items are desired or required for the new mom. The simplest thing to do is get something from the registry and that way you know that you are getting something that the new mom will need.

However, if you are close friends with the new mom, sometimes you can be more adventurous and surprise her with your own gift idea. Sometimes this can be risky as the new mom may already have the item you are thinking of getting them, but oftentimes a busy mom to be may not think of every possible thing they want or need for the registry. In any case, it is perfectly acceptable to get an original gift and the new mom to be will mostly likely appreciate the thought and effort that went into choosing this gift.

Lastly, if you are going to get something that is not on the registry, pratical essentials like diapers and baby clothes are always an option. You can also make your own personalized baby gift as a unique memento of the newborn baby.

Also, couples or small groups of people coming together can chip in money to get one present for the whole group. This usually applies to couples or families and also friends that are "tagging along" with the invited guest.

2) How much should I spend?

The amount of money you spend is entirely up to you. Generally, the new mom will be happy that you came with any gift. The average gift spend for baby shower gifts is $40-$80, but usually the gift registry will have items in all price ranges. Several factors can effect how much you choose to spend including your financial situation, how well you know the new mother, and how much you choose to spend. Ultimately, it is not critical how much you spend but instead focus on getting a gift that the new mom will enjoy or find useful.

3) Gifts for the dad to be

Another question someone might have is whether or not the dad to be should get a new gift. Generally, for baby showers, it is understood that the presents will mostly be for the new mother and the baby, so in most cases, it is not necessary to get a present for the dad. However, particulary if you are close to the family, it is a nice idea to get the dad a present as well. New fathers will surely appreciate the thought and useful gifts like a daddy diaper changing set or a dad to be mug will help make the dad feel appreciated.