How to Prepare for a Surprise Baby Shower in a Week

One of the sweetest things that you can do for a friend who is expecting her very first child is to throw her a baby shower party. What can even be a lot sweeter is if you can make it a surprise that she will never see coming.

But how will you prepare for a surprise baby shower if you only have a week? This is not too hard a task as you might think. In fact, a week is plenty of time to put together an event like this one.

Here are the most important things for a surprise baby shower:

1. Invites- When throwing an event under wraps, you have to make sure that you get the invites to the guests in a hurry. Email invites work best because you can reach a lot more people in just a few clicks and you can keep the event secret from the mom to be. You can also make phone calls to make sure that they understand the nature of the event and that they need to keep it secret up to the last second.

2. Location- Since it is a surprise party, it might be wise not to hold it at the honouree’s residence. You have to choose a location that is close enough to the mom’s house but far enough to keep the secret. There is another option which is to make the daddy a co-conspirator, in which case it would be possible to use the house for the event.

3. Foods- If you are quite busy with other matters and you do not have time to cook for the event, you might as well hire caterers for the surprise party. It would be much more convenient since you can ask the invited guests to chip in a little as well.

4. Decor- this might be a little tricky especially if you will hold the party at the home of the mommy to be. If the husband is in on the surprise, make sure he gets her out of the house long enough for you to decorate the place. It is not really hard once you have everything prepared like the balloons, banners, party poppers, and whatever else you need.

5. Gifts- Since it is a shower party, gifts are definitely expected. Just because you are throwing a surprise does not mean that you will not have to give the mommy a present anymore. Make sure you inform all the guests about this as well.