Is It Okay for the Mom-to-be to Throw a Baby Shower for Herself?

Of course you would be excited by your baby's birth but let's face it: many moms-to-be actually dream of the kind of baby shower that they'll have. And if no one offers to throw it for them, they do actually go out and throw it themselves. Which invariably brings up the question, “Is it okay for the mom-to-be to throw a baby shower for herself or is it tacky to the extreme?”

Strictly speaking, when it comes to throwing a baby shower, anyone can host one except the mom-to-be. Otherwise, it will seem that they are soliciting gifts for the baby.

A baby shower is a celebration for the unborn baby and a show of support for the expectant mother. So while there is nothing wrong morally about wanting to have a party for the baby, there is something a little bit off about wanting to get the perfect and best baby shower gifts, registering for them and throwing a baby shower to make sure you'll get it.

Is there a way around this extremely sticky situation? Yes, there is. There are actually several ways where you can ensure you get the baby shower celebration you want and don't come off as begging for baby gifts.

One reason why plenty of women nowadays resort to throwing their own baby shower is because they have many groups of friends that would be impossible for one hostess to manage by herself. If that is the case, then do get involved in planning out the baby shower.

It's always great when the mom-to-be puts in her two cents' worth when it comes to the celebration but it can get a little extreme. Always be sure that you're keeping your finger on the baby shower budget and are not asking your friends to go above and beyond for you. If you want something that they can't afford, then offer to pay for it yourself. That is the best way to keep the peace while your friends are doing this great favor for you.

But when it comes to the party itself, it's time to sit back and relax. You are NOT the hostess here, you are the guest of honor. It's best to let your friends take on the role of hostess and take credit for the party.

What if you have an O.C. personality and can't let go enough for someone to host your baby shower? Then in that case, do it yourself but don't call it a baby shower. You can put a spin on the fact that the celebration is for the baby, not yourself, and give it a different name.

How about throwing a Pregnant Party? Or a Meet the Baby Party after the baby is born? Then you can go all-out on the baby decorations, plan the perfect meal, and without having to register for anything, can receive the perfect gifts for the baby. It's not wrong to throw a party. Just change the nature of it and you'll come out the perfect hostess with the best party ever.