Who to Invite to a Baby Shower

It used to be that there was one baby shower held per family for the eldest child and no more. The important people at a baby shower were usually selected by the mommy-to-be, like her mother and mother-in-law, as well as sisters and best friends.

Now, however, there is more than one shower usually held for a pregnancy and even for the younger children. So, there are certain reminders to follow to make it easy for the guests and not have them feeling that they are the ones responsible for the financial well-being of the child.

First and foremost, check with the mommy-to-be who must be invited. Get all the information that you need, including addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers. Send out the invitations as early as possible so that their schedules can be cleared up and set.

A good lead time for the invitations to the baby shower guests to be sent out would be about three weeks before. If the proper invitations are not yet ready, send out a “save the date” card a week or two earlier. Follow up with an email a week or two before the baby shower to make sure that you have all your regrets in early.

Should men get to go to a baby shower? These days, the baby shower is not the all-female bastion that it used to be. Men can be at a baby shower too, and sometimes there is a baby shower that is all male as well!

The usual argument against this is that it's too girly for men and it becomes a drawback since the ambiance of the baby shower becomes very different. No longer is it going to be all sentimental and overly silly but it becomes a little more dignified so the females don't seem all ridiculous in front of the men.

But if the daddy-to-be insists on showing up, why not? There are two options that can be followed to solve this little problem. One way is to have him as a guest of honor and be feted as the only daddy in a sea of females. That is sure to give him a sense of what's about to happen in his household, especially if the expected child is a girl!

But a more common solution is to invite the male partners of the other female guests and make the baby shower a co-ed one. That way it becomes more like a family party and everyone will definitely end up having a ton of fun.

Children are welcome at baby showers, too. After all, baby showers came about to celebrate children, right? So, if the mommy-to-be has older children, make sure that they can take an active part in the celebrations. This is a wonderful way to give the older children special attention especially if they are feeling a little left out of all the excitement in the preparations of the new baby.

So, with modern etiquette, anyone that wants to be at a baby shower is definitely welcome to attend. No longer is it a hen party and limited just to women. Everyone can be invited, from the requisite women, their male partners, and their children, everyone can go to the modern baby shower.

Some people that you should consider inviting:


  • Grandma, i.e., the mom-to-be's mother (Grandpa too if he wants to come)
  • Siblings
  • Close uncles and aunts
  • Any other close family member
  • The baby-to-be's future father


  • Close friends
  • Co-workers
  • Friends of the dad
  • Other friends that are close by that may want to attend


  • Doctor or Nurse that assisted with pregnancy