Baby Shower Guest Etiquette

Many baby shower guests have questions about the etiquette for the event, especially if the invitation didn't include all the information relevant to the party. You should always feel free to call and ask the hosts for any information that you feel you may need. Chances are, you're not the only one.

Always RSVP on time.

Many people wait until just a few days to RSVP for an event, or worse, wait for a call or email from the host reminding them to do so. Hosts ask for this courtesy to help them plan the event so that they know the amount of people they're expecting and what they need to buy or make so that no one is left out. You always want to RSVP at least a week before the date of the party or by the deadline on the invitations. Calling and RSVPing at the last minute can cause undue stress to the party planners.

Baby shower gifts

Most couples (or at least the mother-to-be) have registered at various stores or provided a list of things that are still needed for the baby. Honor these requests. Even if you're sure they'd love the same toy your child loved, the couple knows what they need for their baby – and that's why they've asked for it. Occasionally, they'll ask for cash. It's hard enough for them to be asking for something like this, so it's best to offer cash or a check. Don't give them a gift card limiting where they can use it.

Kids at the baby shower

Most of the time, baby showers are adult only affair. Don't assume that it's ok to bring your children, call the hosts and ask. It's also a good idea to see if this is planned as a girl's only party – baby showers aren't normally a “guy” thing, and they may not be interested in what's going on. Dad's probably busy building a crib or painting the nursery, so plans for the party may not have taken guys into account.

Watch what you say

Don't gossip with other guests about what you may think you know, especially about the expecting couple. Not only is it rude, but you never know if the person standing next to you is one of the people you're talking about. Remember, we're adults. We should act like them. This is a happy time for the expecting couple and nothing should be done to ruin that.


Always remember to congratulate the mom-to-be (or the expecting couple). Today is a day honoring the new addition to their family and the good and bad times to come as they raise their new child. Always make sure to congratulate them and to wish them luck.


There will be games. These games can range from cute (dressing up a baby doll) to disgusting (“What's in the diaper?”). You are expected to participate. The host(s) put a lot of time and energy into planning this party and all it's trappings – don't insult them by refusing to participate.